March 2021 Update

This is an Update for March 2021. I know it was long ago since I posted on this wordpress page, but I didn’t forget about you and I have a lot of good projects that will be released. And some that have been released. I’ve battled depression, anxiety and paranoia, and I stood tall despite defeat. As we all have. There will be a new logo for The Joseph Evaldi Brand. As the old archival content as new current content will be posted once again. For those who have not read a blog or listened to a podcast the content will be there for you the community to read a blog or listen to a podcast. However, enough of me going on let me discuss what we have planned.

  1. Our Patreon Page: Our podcasts will be posted on The Joseph Evaldi Network page at Patreon and also The Joseph Evaldi Network stories will be posted on the pages blog.
  2. Our Page: With this site I will feature old contented blogs and old content podcasts featuring new content stuff to.

Some other content from Old The Joseph Evaldi Network will be on The Hammer and Cloud Podcasting Network where I, Joseph Evaldi has done podcasts with Richard Andrew Olkusz. Until the period of Co-Vid will pass maybe Fall or next year depending on when this time will pass more content will be done.

I have blogs on and more that will be released soon.

On top of that The Driving Dream: Apply What You Like to Your Boring Job has come out on Audible and Itunes. It is written by Joseph Evaldi. It is a book about working through your boring job to get to your passion.

We have a lot of things brewing for March and we are just beginning again. With adding the new and the old we are cooking.

But personally I am happy to be doing the stuff I love again. There was a time where all of this fell apart. I thought I wouldn’t podcast again, write again, etc. I didn’t have Co-Vid, but I nearly came close. I’ve have had a good support system to get me going and working on projects I thought wouldn’t be possible. Thank You for the followers everywhere. I know I was angry before, but I am at peace and I and our brand will plan on doing more stuff next month and this coming year.

Author of this article is Joseph Evaldi CEO and Founder of The Joseph Evaldi Brand and The Joseph Evaldi Network

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