What is Love?

Sorry for my absence in not writing for awhile. I feel like writing on a positive note. Rather then writing and complaining about everything and ranting as I have been. I figure I ask the question What is Love? Not to question it, but to answer what it is to me.

For awhile I’ve struggled with many things even an on going anxiety problem that I wish would go away, but I have someone that is with me who supports me through my fits. She supports and doesn’t dump me when I feel like dumping myself and putting down myself through my mistakes.

She has been there through many times of struggle which I am appreciative of. I don’t say it often as I should that I am appreciative of her and maybe I have not been the best man to her that I wish I could be.

I deal with my anger, my temper, my ego and recently anxiety, but we help each other through our situations.Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and many of us either spend time with our loved one close to us or find someone to love, either way we may ask what the meaning of love is to us?

To me it is someone who will be there and is supportive. Someone who listens to my troubles and helps me through my ailments. Also someone who doesn’t give up on me even if I might want to give up on myself sometimes. For awhile I didn’t care and went through some challenging struggles up to this day.

But I know I have someone who loves me and is there by my side through these struggles and I want to be there for her struggles also. Maybe I haven’t been the greatest, but in love we aren’t perfect. We are haunted by our past. From time to time the anxiety comes up and I am haunted by my past as many are. But we are not our past and we are not our future. We are our present.

I can’t talk for the one I’m with, but I could talk for myself. I could tell you that she is my support system and I love her for it. She reminds me to fight even when I feel like self defeating myself. I do love her.

During these past few months I’ve been humbled as I face my issues, but she is there. She and others have been encouraging me to write again and not give up on myself when I wanted to give up on my dream but I chose not to give up on my writing and passions. Without the support of my family, peers, and her, I wouldn’t have gotten to where I am today. This blog would be dead.

That is why I love her and love the support I have been getting from others. This writing may not be the best, but as for Valentine’s Day remember to love the one you are with and make that day special. Don’t get down on yourself if you aren’t perfect. Try not to be mad at others for your own shortcomings. Just know people are in your path for a reason and love them for what they do. They may see things in you that you may not see yourself and encourage you to be better. Try not to forget to say I Love You to them tomorrow. Happy Valentines Day.

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