Annual Harvest Blog

I have many things to write about for this blog. This is the time where people go back to school. This is the season of Pumpkins and Pumpkin Spice wherever you go for the beverage. This is the season for change and for overcoming many obstacles in planting seeds for the next season or reaping those rewards as now.

But I am not going to discuss what rewards I reaped. If anything I planted bad seeds this year and however, some good seeds flourished with help from others. I learned a lot from the role of a counselor I play and a role of being a human at the same time. I’ve learn some seeds I may have planted bad seeds in another and I have to pay that price as them. Life can be difficult. It can have you contemplating every decision, right or wrong.

I also have had some bad seeds planted in me and I have relented this summer not controlling myself. I have been angry as of late and I just let the bad seeds come out and I have grown a not to good harvest this year. I didn’t win. If anything I lost. For what I did, I lost what I was fighting for and I will have to lose something along the way because of my bad seeds and we all make mistakes.

If its one thing about bad seeds is they don’t grow and they get deleted. They aren’t nurtured and they face destruction all the time. I had been contemplating everything in life and even my own demise. I wasn’t in a good state. But the environment didn’t give up on me they knew I was struggling and they knew I may have been doing wrong, but they didn’t give up on their member of the community except some places.

Some things are meant to happen the way they are and some members of the community helped plant good seeds in me because they saw the good in me when I didn’t. They helped me see more value to me then I was before. Even though those seeds haven’t begun to grow. The thought has been planted.

Everything in life is a learning experience. There will be those who will hold resentments such as myself, but I have to understand that if I let these seeds be planted in me or if I plant them in someone else which I have bad trees will be planted. Some trees are good. But harvest wise I have not planted good trees because I have not seen the value in myself and what I have done in the community. But I hope with the seeds that were planted in me I will have better trees to put out then this year.

I’m going to start blogging again. I need an outlet and I hope it can be this. For more on the Harvest stuff there is The Book of Seasons written by Joseph Evaldi Available on Amazon Kindle.

Image from Aaron Burden

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