Monthly Update for Fall 2019

Not going to talk about my previous blogs in the past. Did good and did wrong, but I’m moving on from it. I have bigger fish to fry. And The Joseph Evaldi Network negotiated terms with Keeping Totem Wolf on the Network and he has his show. But here is the Line up for The Joseph Evaldi Network.

The Joseph Evaldi Podcast which will air in sometime in October 2019

Jobber’s Pit a New show which will be commentary of either Raw or Smackdown and just a few notes of what I observed from each show. Starting in October 2019

Slo Mo Joe’s Timeless Poetry Show and The Totem Wolf Podcast will be airing Starting December 2019

Then a few episodes of Journal to the Dreamscapes will air starting in March 2019

Spiritus Holographica will not be done all the time.

I am not limited to how many episodes as last time considering this is not the only Network that I own or co-own with Richard Andrew Olkusz.

With that move The Ricky and Wolfman Show and Yesterday’s News will be dropped from the Network. However no need to fear it will be moved to The Hammer Cloud Podcasting Network which in development as we speak.

Lots of work ahead and more to come I will keep everyone informed

Also, Joe’s Writers Club just expanded to two other Chapters in Edison, NJ we will keep you informed when details are finalized.

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