Monica and Bill About 20 Years Later

Monica and Bill 20 Years Later

I won’t write this with many things going on including Epstein’s suicide and listening to Monica’s speech a TED talk video with Shame, a Guilt and Guilt that no one would let you forget to the Grave and it takes years to heal, but no one truly heals. He was the President and she was an Intern, a young intern who the President prayed on. Maybe he had to escape his situation because woman can be horrible to their men especially if you are Hillary, but this is true with any man. He was under pressure and wanted women to make him feel young again and the shame followed even though it can’t be proven on video and tape he lied and I understand why to protect his family, but even he has to admit he will take that to the grave and now he is miserable the rest of his life as he is mocked at in a dress now.

Monica on the other hand had to go into hiding because she was in fear for her life and reputation. She was young and Bill took advantage of that and they were getting close. Men will take care of their own and discard the mistress in a heart beat Bill was Alpha then. But Monica scorned and she was in internal pain from the shame and this is a fact no joke. I don’t know her, but she may have had suicidal ideation because her name was mud as Epstein just want to die because he could face what he done and what he would live with the rest of his life.

The fact is the stress is real, something can change a persons life forever and ruin them and they get bullied when truly are great people, those who get bullied, because they have drive and it is unsettled. They are in the news stories for the negative and positive and they are suffering we all are. The fact is when Monica went into hiding things unfolded like you would never believe and the world became crueler especially online as she mentioned in a TED she was humiliated by the nation and has had to live it everyday and maybe in hiding once more because she doesn’t want to be brought up.

But dammit Monica don’t fear, fight like hell to bring your cause alive with Anti-Bullying the world needs you and your story and what you went through your Testimony like the world needs my testimony. The world needs to know that, “It is not rainbows or Sunshine” as Rocky said. We have to be willing to face our demons and carry that cross everyday and people face humiliation and abuse. And this is everyone we all were bullied.

And I am going to say this I will join you on that fight. We all have been humiliated before we all have to face that fear and anxiety of going anywhere for who you are. I know I did this I humiliated myself many times in life and people will still laugh at me for what I say for who they are. But this is the humiliation we face. We were born to fulfill a cause well then let it live. We may not speak or attack Bill or our suppressors, but we could tell our story. We all can because we have that drive to be free. Monica is wasn’t your fault you were young and in love and thought Bill was the one and had his life running through her mind because if you could hear the anxiety that runs through a brain it could destroy you or lead you to death because we worry about everything. And it destroys us just as it did Monica and Bill was under pressure and regreted it and the Alpha became a Drag Queen because of Hillary wanted to humiliate Bill for what he has done. And now Bill pays every day, but the woman always pays worse because they are misunderstood called a slut or called crazy, bottom line they have it worse in this world and Bottom line Men still don’t understand them and every women was jealous to be in her spot and had to drag her to the ground and humiliated her.

Bottom line as I said I need your help and you need my help. This is a big battle and we can’t be afraid anymore on what people say or do or the perception of it. It is driving me and many crazy to the point of death. It hasn’t come to the point for me, but I feel alone in this cruel world and I’m reaching out to you. I’m not crazy well maybe a little. I am going through something and I had to leave a situation to protect them, but I don’t think it’s possible any more. If you are going save lives you are going to need me. We need to heal. There are many people shooting people everyone sneaking around doing drugs and we have a fucking epidemic because we are in our fears I cant laugh any more because I’ve seen enough pain in my life even though everyone says I came from two parents and I should worry well I do bipolar and all the illness are real and being made fun of such as posts where I don’t think is even scarier.

I want to work to help I want a new passion in life I want to help people who have been bullied I have been there and I have done it I want to bring awareness to the issue. The fact is I want everyone to learn from my mistakes. I’m building my life again and now it’s falling. There was a define moment and I apologize by those who were affect by that post I truly am. None of my friends want to talk with me and all I get is the evil eye from people only one or two have helped me out. I think nobody knows what to do but doing nothing will make it worse. And I’m tired of the silent laughs from people when I know what they are talking about and laughing behind my back.

And we are working hard on the problem and it is getting worse. Monica we need your help and I need your help. Help us heal our shames and I will do the same.

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