Spring is Here

Spring showed up on March 20, 2019, but I am writing about it now. Just as I do the Harvest in Fall, I will do the Season of Spring Now. In a Season known as Spring Cleaning, In a Season where the seeds are being planted for what is planted for the season to come. Spring represents Easter which represent the death and rising of the Christ for those who believe. It is the season where life is brought back from the hibernation where every one was in. The Life is brought back once again to the lifeless. Everyone who enjoys the season gets excited once again. It is the season where the plans come to life once again. Energy from the stagnant comes around and the change is in the air. And this year I feel that change once again and I am optimistic.

I feel the Snow had to cover the ground to cement the soil for a good season to come. And the seeds are fermented to be planted. This year the seeds were planted in what direction we were going in and it has been planted every where. And now it is a good time because those seeds are about to grow in the season. What you thought wouldn’t grow is about to blossom.

This is the beauty of the season. I haven’t felt good like this for a long time. I haven’t felt where my juices for writing were to come alive and again and I see they are ready to blossom like anything. And I haven’t felt the life coming back as I do now.

Recently I made my new home at Starbucks, Edison, NJ. I thought this was not going to be possible and the change is ready to happen and I am excited for the change again. I have become a Starbucks Edison, NJ person. I felt something there that I haven’t felt in awhile I felt the life comeback to my writing and I feel my next journey is ahead of me. I feel that life has been brought back to me where life wasn’t there before. This is the nature of Spring. It the revival of the season gone to past and it brings life to those souls who need it. It brings the breath of fresh air to those who need it.

I am excited for what this means for the Brand. We have big things in store for you and hint hint by the end of all of this brand may not be the same brand as it was again. We are forever evolving and forever changing. Now the season is here we plant the seeds for what is to come.

For these seeds to be planted we are ready for the changes to come. For those who stuck loyal to us through this transition. We are in the midst of another transition and it is exciting. Stay tuned. We are ready to do something that will be remembered for a long time. And today Those seeds are ready to be planted. The Future of the Brand start today.

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