Mid March 2019 Update

I’d figure I’d let you know what is going on with the Brand and The Network. We are still in the Studios working on the Podcasting that you enjoy. As for The Joseph Evaldi Network on Spreaker even though Podcasts have not aired in awhile, be patient rest assure more is to come.

We are going to come back stronger than before. We got to a slow start this year. With scheduling changes and changes all together. I am happy to report that more episodes for your favorite Joseph Evaldi Network shows are going to come. And we are working on maybe bringing in a new, but old format for The Joseph Evaldi Podcast. We want to bring the Podcast in a direction this year of Inspiration. With many problems in the world inspiration is needed. I would like to give that inspiration. I will be in the Studios soon after the recordings for Journal of the Dreamscapes and Slo Mo Joe Timeless Poetry Show will be done.

We are also working on the recordings for Season 2 for some of your favorites. We will post more episodes as we can. This year has been a success and we are getting traction.

We are now advertising for audible with http://www.audibletrial.com/TheJosephEvaldiNetwork and the Brand is also selling some items on eBay look up joemacho679 from the home to raise some money for charity.

And Big News Joe’s Writer’s Club will be meeting at The Woodbridge Library by Woodbridge High School on Every other Tuesday 6 PM – 8 PM. We finally have a new home. And we are happy to say that this group has been helpful for writers who have a vision to write. We begin again.

With a slow start to the year this Brand is picking up. The Numbers for The Joseph Evaldi Network are picking up.

Special Shout out to Richard Andrew Olkusz and The Olk n’ us Network who have been supportive of my brand.

Also Special Shout out to The Bill & Mo Show. Two friends of mine who have a podcast going.

Follow me on Facebook Type in Joseph Evaldi, The Joseph Evaldi Brand, or The Joseph Evaldi Network.

Thanks for reading this blog. Come back and see what we are up to. A new Horizon is ready to begin.

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