Mid Month Update for January 2019 and The Joseph Evaldi Network

This month was the time to renegotiate contracts for The Joseph Evaldi Network. We have come to terms with the services of Richard Andrew Olkusz again as the characters of Kurtis the Bearheart, Ricky and occasionally Twilight Cricket will be continued to be apart of the brand.

We are happy to say after this year with five more episodes of Totem Wolf and Bearheart Podcast. We have news for you.

We are happy to say with the contract negotiation of Richard Andrew Olkusz, it entails a deal of 12 Ricky and Wolfman Shows, 12 Yesterday News with Joe Vector and Kurt, and The Totem Wolf and Bearheart Podcast. And Occasionally an episode or two of Slo Mo Joe’s Timeless Poetry Show.

We are unhappy to say we could not come to terms with making a deal with him on the shows of Spiritus Holographica, but no need to fear Spiritus Holographica will still be on the Network and will be revamped.

We are happy that Richard Andrew Olkusz is allowing us to use the services of the newly revamped Olk n’ us Studios. It is a new year and we are headed on a new direction and that is ok. We are just happy to have his services and him letting us use the studio. We are grateful.

In this day it entails one day or possibly two days of podcasting. This schedule will be doable for both parties. I am very happy that we both came to terms for another year of podcasting.

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