Happy New Year: The First Update of 2019

I have been doing updates since 2013 and this is my 6 year. Since then this brand has worked in finding an identity suiting to fit it, it’s worked on building content that many could enjoy. Sure, some were flops, but we tried to produce. Maybe, we rushed everything we did, maybe, I was a one man show trying to do everything myself. I just had a few books, but I wasn’t taken seriously or at least I didn’t take myself to serious and I was obsessed with my own personal issues from 2016-2017 that it had affected producing the best products we could for you the people. I take full responsibility for this down turn and this misfortune that was aired. I made mistakes and didn’t realize it could affect others as it did.

The bottom line is I affected everyone because I let some malicious people affect me. I lost track of what was important for me.

2018 saw the rebranding and it came across it’s road bumps along the way. I had to realize what was important to me and what meant the most to me. I fought to the right to write this year and to podcast. I fought the punishing schedule of work to produce one book this year and to podcast. But 2019 will be a year of change and restructure for The Joseph Evaldi Brand.

This year it will be different. It will be for my readers, my listeners, for those that attend Joe’s Meetup Group in Clara Barton, Edison NJ The Coffee House, it will be about those who have supported the brand. Gone are the days where someone wants me to fit in their mold and make me something I am not. In 2018, I learned what I am not and I learned what I am and the decision to know the difference between the two. I know who I am and I am not going to let anyone change me from my passion.

My passion is what I will fight for, producing the best stuff that I can for you will be my priority. I want to add the best content going into the year next year and in this list, I will tell you what I am going to do to make the brand better going into 2019. This year will be for you. It will be my make up to you for the lost years for hearing my complaining in 2016 and 2017. This brand is going through restructuring and this is the theme for this year of my brand next year. We are going for our best brand possible that we could do for you the people.

2019 What is on the Agenda for Next Year?

  1. Restructuring and Merger of Spiritus Holographica and The Journal to the Dreamscapes: With the merger of Spiritus Holographica and Journal to the Dreamscapes, a new show will emerge. It will discuss topics of Spiritus Holographica and topics of Journal to the Dreamscapes which will be a segment to the show. Also, I will be adding conversation about UFOs, Past life, After life and Reincarnation dialogue and also Astrology and Numerology discussions as well. It will be a heavy hitting 1 2 punch for the network. We are combining two shows in one and adding more. It will be my version of what George Noory does with Coast to Coast AM, but I am not George Noory, but I enjoy what I will do. The services of Ricky will be added to the show to add his take. But some shows will be done alone. I feel this will be better fitting for the rebrand of Spiritus Holographica.
  2. Redesign of some book covers, podcast covers, brand Social Media Sites, etc: As a work to bring the brand up to par we are working on changing some stuff with the brand as far as design. It is a known fact the brand has to be congruent. If it doesn’t have good covers or half assed stuff it will not work. Which means professional stuff have to go out there. We will work to improve it as the year goes on.
  3. Working of a Video Cast for the Brand: We will be working on a Video Cast at least once a month starting in January or February. Once things will get squared away we can produce videos and also more podcasts to. These videos will feature Richard Andrew Olkusz and Joseph Evaldi to discuss their brands in detail rather then doing big plugs on network. Things will change with this going into the new year. At least we will have a format to discuss our stuff.
  4. Three Writing Projects in the Process: I will continue writing along the way. Writing will be a priority for me. I have three projects that I will be working on that I will discuss in a future date. Writing has always been the center of the brand and we are going to produce the books that you want and enjoy with keeping my passion to write alive.
  5. Maintaining The Joseph Evaldi Network: The Joseph Evaldi Network will continue on with Podcasting with the efforts of Richard Andrew Olkusz’s support. Now that the Olk n’ us Studios in under renovation now. It should be up and running soon. They have been a very good support for podcasting and the Brand. And Podcasting will continue.
  6. Monthly and Mid Month Updates: With the brand so ever growing with content, we will keep everyone posted on things to come in the month. You the people should know.
  7. Joe’s Writer’s Club: We have many things in store for the brand even our grass roots movement Joe’s Writers Club. A Group that discusses fun stuff about writing and we meet up every Wednesday starting January 9, 2019 6-8 PM. It will be our group to better ourselves as writers it is a known fact we can push each other as better writers. We meet at The Coffee House in Edison, NJ under new Management as of June 2018. Please come in for a cup of coffee I recommend it.

We have a lot of things in store for next year and I am looking forward to it. Like any year we have a lot of things to work on, but by the end of the year progress we have made and we will be proud of it. As this post starts it will be on January 1st, 2019 Midnight New York time. I wish everyone a Happy New Year and may your year be blessed with the projects to come. Get ready for a good year to come everyone to those who have supported Joseph Evaldi and The Joseph Evaldi Brand this past year and beyond has deserved it.

Also, don’t forget to check out The Joseph Evaldi Network string of podcasts for the beginning of the year we are doing a marathon celebratory for the Joseph Evaldi Network ringing in the New Year.

Happy New Year 2019 everybody. Thank you for the support from 2018. Let do it again and better this year.

Image by Niklas Rhose Unsplash.com

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