Big Day Today for The Joseph Evaldi Brand

December 21, 2018 is known for many things such as the beginning of the Winter Solstice. Many celebrate the season as we go into Christmas, but as for The Joseph Evaldi Brand along with myself, Joseph Evaldi the author, we celebrate the releases of three important projects.

The first big project is my release for my Kindle book, The Book of Seasons: The Journey Through The Years Cycle. This is a Kindle book that features the change of seasons and how in some parts of the year we may be dearthy and in other parts prosperous. In every part of the season we deal with the change, the storms that ride with us everyday. Through those storms, the change of the season’s cycles, and life cycles, we breathe for a better tomorrow. Sometimes we fall and sometimes we get up. This book will help to prepare for the seasons. It isn’t the Farmer’s Almanac, but it discusses the seasons and what to prepare for.

The second and third project was actually a revisited project. It was A Soul Warrior’s Journey. It was a novel I did 5 years ago. And I took on this project again and turned it into an audiobook. My paperback was moved to Barnes and Noble Press coming out December 21st. My Audio book will be available for purchase on Kindle with a new cover also on December 21, 2018. It can be accessed at

The Paperback for A Soul Warrior’s Journey can be found at

For those who don’t know about the book and/or rediscovering it. I will say it is a story of Joseph Woods, who has addiction problems, who bumps into an acupuncturist named Matteus Anderson, who helps him discover a past life through a vast dream world. This is the start of a journey and battle of mental health issues, friendship dilemmas, romance.

These were my three projects that were released and saved at the right time for release at the beginning of the season. One, the life of the project has just begun and two, new life has been breathed into it. Because next year these projects take on a life of their own. With much hope, they will be the snowball to a birth of projects in the following years to come.

I am happy with the success and the hard work of The Joseph Evaldi Brand this year. If we didn’t have them working hard on the brand, and the much appreciated help of Richard Andrew Olkusz and Andrew Garrett for the Audiobook, I would also like to add Sarah Rowland for extra support.

If it’s something that I learned from Matthew McConaughey in a speech he did in a video, it was that “Sometimes you have to learn who you are not in order to find out who you are.” Perhaps I have been working hard this year not focusing time on what really matters to me. This year it was a battle to get things done and perhaps it was by design. It taught me to appreciate the little things that I take for granted in life, such as, the ability to write and the ability to love. I missed working hard on my writing and feel my best work is ahead of me. But making a million dollars shouldn’t be just the dream, but rather a goal. Most importantly what matters is putting out the best product I can that everyone could enjoy.

I will have people working to make this brand better, rather it is improving social media, or fixing up old products. We will not be releasing books without proper edit from here on out. We will put love into the project. And by the time you will read it or listen to it we all will appreciate it.

These products will be what the customer want. On January 1, 2019. I will release the first update of the Brand. and what is projected to be worked on next year. I will do this from Blogging, Social Media, Podcasting, Books and Art. Our theme for next year will be restructuring. The Books of Seasons: The Journey through the Years Cycle and The Rerelease of A Soul Warrior’s Journey and the audio are just a sign of things to come. For this is just the beginning. Till then I wish you Happy Holidays from the Joseph Evaldi Brand.

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