Mid Month December 2018 Update

It’s the restructuring of The Joseph Evaldi Brand, The Joseph Evaldi Network and as an Author Joseph Evaldi. Right now I have so much content everywhere that it is very easy to have everything Unorganized. It is not that I have been carelessly making posts, but maintenance has not been easy. That is why we are undergoing restructuring heading into the new year. 

Now that I have a Kindle Book called The Book of Seasons: The Journey through the Years Cycle out on December 21, 2018 and A Soul Warrior’s Journey on Paperback and an Audiobook coming out with it. The theme of this year is not rebranding, the theme is restructuring.

First order of business starting now and through the beginning of the year will be to fix up and organize my Facebook Account. As of today I added The Joseph Evaldi Network to have its own page. After someone pointed out to me on Tuesday, I have everything unorganized.  I have posts with podcasts in where my Author page for Facebook is, The Joseph Evaldi Brand doesn’t seems to know its role as it has both Books and Podcasts in it. Bottom line, things need organization with my brand and with my Facebook pages. Now I have 2 personal Accounts and 3 Facebook Business or Community Pages with One Joe’s Writers Group that I am an Admin of for the group that will meet every week, but I will get to the details in January 2019 Blog. 

The Joseph Evaldi Author Page on Facebook

With this page I will make it strictly for my books. If I have videos for my books they will go there. If I have an interview where I am talking about a topic for a book I will do it on this page. And also, if I have valuable content as far as Audiobooks are concerned they will go here. 

Adjustments. All content featuring Podcasts and posts will be deleted and they will be moved and later reposted on The new The Joseph Evaldi Network at a later date. 

And also old blogs that are no longer relevant and aren’t relevant to the Joseph Evaldi Author Page will be deleted. Which means the early blogs on relationships have got to go. They were the blogs of who I was and they aren’t who I am now. And they are not related to The Joseph Evaldi Author Page.

The Joseph Evaldi Brand Facebook Page

With The Joseph Evaldi Brand Facebook Page this is what will happen. First, All blog Updates from my brand WordPress Page will go on this Page. So that is from http://www.josephevaldi.blog.

All Pertinent Information concerning The Joseph Evaldi Brand on The Joseph Evaldi Podcast will be on this  this Page.

Any other information will be deleted.

The Joseph Evaldi Network Facebook Page

With The Joseph Evaldi Network Facebook Page will feature everything to do with Podcasts and everything to do with videos for the Network when we do them. And It will be organized. 

Also, the YouTube Page will be organized and categorized to. 

And also, the Twitter Page will be fixed from here on out. 

This is just the beginning of a long process and it will take time over the year to make it the best brand possible. 

So the Idea for 2019 is Restructuring. and even we will make better photos for our The Joseph Evaldi Network on Spreaker.com

Also, this is something I will do new to I will do two Updates a Month a Beginning of the month and a middle of the months. Big things are on the horizon. Last Year was rebranding, this coming year it is restructuring. Should be a good year. 

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