December 2018: A Year in Review

Pre 2018

Pre 2018 we had books on the Kindle and The Joseph Evaldi Podcast and we had some audiobooks but we went through some treachery along the way. Then on 2018 January 1st a little after the New Year in the Kitchen of my home with Parents and soon to be girlfriend we launched the Rebrand and that was how we started the Year.

January 1st 2018

It was a Monumental Day for The Joseph Evaldi Brand as it released a slogan, “We Stand Tall Despite Defeat, Hoping for One Victory.” We may have been beaten up and bruised a bit, but we were not broken that was the campaign we ran. We took down the old banner and started a new. That very day Ricky and Wolfman recorded their very first Podcast for the Olk n’ Us Network. We took down the books that weren’t selling and started a new. As a result, we started the rebrand. It was rocky along the road, but it started.

January 2018 through March 2018

In January 2018 through March 2018, we Launched The Joseph Evaldi Network. And it added two new shows to the network: Slo Mo Joe’s Poetry Show and The Totem Wolf and Bearheart Podcast. It was promising year to begin with. And it was the start of the Rebrand. Also, Joseph Evaldi was doing work with the Olk n’ us Network and Richard Andrew Olkusz and him were working together. Then building on the rebrand.

April 2018 through June 2018

The rebrand was tough in the beginning. A solid project wasn’t continued a book by Wolfman Joe Evaldi got released and the story of his agony was out for people to read. It had to be released so the treachery of that time period would end but it was a start. Personally, he was working through his emotions in this time period, but he is much stronger now and calmer than before or at peace.

July 2018

In July 2018, the birth of the project The Book of Seasons: The Journey through the Years Cycle was born. His first passionate project that he had since The Evolution of the Squared Circle: The Production of Professional Wrestling. And he worked on it through to November.

August 2018

The Joseph Evaldi Podcast came back for some episodes and had formally announced that Ricky and Wolfman Show would come to the Network from the Olk n’ us Network. And also, apart of the deal Yesterdays News with Joe Vector and Kurtis the Bearheart would come to the Network.
Also, The Joseph Evaldi Network announced that Spiritus Holographica would come to the Network.

September 2018

Recording and starting to launch the Season. And also announcing that A Soul Warrior’s Journey would be coming to audio towards the end of the year.

October 2018

The Joseph Evaldi Network announced another show that came to the network, Journal to the Dreamscapes, A show on Dream Interpretation.

November 2018

The announcement was made for The Book of Seasons: The Journey through the Years Cycle to be released on December 21, 2018. Also, A Soul Warrior’s Journey the Audiobook is in the process of being released and should be out in late December 2018 and early January 2019.

December 2018: A retrospect of the year.

I owe a lot of thanks to those who contributed to the brand this year. We were lost without a direction and needed a change and shift. Through the help of Richard Andrew Olkusz and those who helped with the brand and gave it the hope that it needed we would not be where we are today. We feel humbled with the help we received. And it was the small things. When The Joseph Evaldi Network grew, The Olk n’ us Network grew. And a new direction was formed. A direction that needed to take place as the old way of doing things had to go because of treachery. Hope was instilled again, and work was done. Work was not easy this year, Joseph Evaldi was going every which direction with writing and etc. And a direction was found.

With a lot of work Joseph Evaldi produced podcasts, books, and audiobooks this year coming back from many years of not producing and in a way this was one victory for him which could be a string of many. In life we go through many of these defeats to get to the one victory and as for how I was personally last year and how I was in a business sense, I am in a much better shape than I was back then and I owe it to people in my life. I wouldn’t be a better person because of it. They help put out the fire to the storms that were waging and I appreciate it.

What does the Future behold for The Joseph Evaldi Brand?

For starters, The Joseph Evaldi Brand Publishing is already working on Projects to be released later in the year. Another year is already underway.
Maybe some collaboration will take place with writing with Richard Andrew Olkusz or others.

Also, it is uncertain of the details yet, but Joseph Evaldi will be involved in the Olk n’ us Network. It is uncertain right now for the role he will have, but he will be doing a string of shows on the network run by Richard Andrew Olkusz.
More details will be in January 1, 2019, which will be a monumental day for the Brand as it will be a year since the launch of the rebrand. And it will be a big day for programing we will have a banner day starting the year. We will have all seven major shows air that day. If you want to start the year off good, we are going to be doing it then. We will have a special episode of Ricky and Wolfman Show where we will do an episode of the Twilight Zone in commentary an only way Ricky and Wolfman know how to. Also, we will have a special Totem Wolf and the Bearheart Podcast where they will have fun watching an episode of the Honeymooners to celebrate the holiday. Also, Joseph Evaldi will do a special Joseph Evaldi Podcast to discuss the direction of the Brand with the coming year and where they will go.

It will be a lot of work ahead to get there next year but it will be worth it. We will come into 2019 like a thunderbolt going through sky and going through the airwaves. This is the first time that we will run an event like this. This is because we are in appreciation of everyone who supported us through the year. Next year is going to be one to talk about and I know is The Joseph Evaldi Brand found a new-found passion and it is guided by others. And we are working feverishly now to be prepared for next year. And we will keep you posted. We are going to use some tricks that made us work in the past and we are going to incorporated it with the new and we will grow. We will be prepared for the new year.

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