Giving Thanks to Everyone Who Supported Me Through this Transition

In the beginning of the Holiday Season with it being Thanksgiving, I have many to Thank and they are those who supported and worked with the brand, even behind the scenes to make it the Brand that it is today.

This year, The Joseph Evaldi Brand reestablished its Identity. We stood tall despite defeat was the slogan we ran. Through help from people including Richard Andrew Olkusz, he saw a vision for the brand or helped with it. Without him there is no Joseph Evaldi Network. Through the love of Podcasting and inspiration he has helped bring podcasting life to the Network. And also the Jabber.

Also, I thank Andrew Garrett, who has been working endlessly to produce A Soul Warrior’s Journey and bring it into Audio.

This was a new vision for the Brand. It was no long a one person enterprise. They helped with the Brand. We also have a book by Joseph Evaldi called The Book of Seasons: The Journey through the Years Cycle coming out of Kindle December 21, 2018. It is now available on Pre Order.

Also, I thank those who weighed my storm and disgruntledness through this time period. I wasn’t pleasant to be around and was going through emotional distraught. I was coming from a period where scammers reigned supreme on me so a lot needed to be detoxified for the brand. Needless to say this new direction has been succeeding thanks to those who have helped.

Also, I would like to thank those who have attended the Meet Up group for Joe’s Writer’s Club at The Coffee House in Edison, NJ. They have been an inspiration to keep me writing.

Also, to the one I love which I will say in person how I feel.

I am grateful to have the help and support this year. I don’t know what tomorrow will bring, but I am happy for the direction this brand has taken. Maybe we don’t have the ratings we want for the network, but we are coming out with many good shows and we are enjoying ourselves doing them.

I also thank the supporters who stuck with me through this transition. I know that change is never perceived very good, but you who stuck with me and were listening or even bought some of my books or audiobooks on Amazon gave me hope to carry on. We lost many along the way even got new people to listen. Next year is promising and as Joseph Evaldi I will do some cross over work next year for the Olk n’ Us Network. Some formatting for the shows will be done. Which means good things are in store next year, we are reaching out. But I won’t discuss next year until the Update of December where I give a year in review of the Progress of the Brand and give an outlook of what we will do next year.

This year I was humbled, personally I fell apart around this time last year and financially as well. I may not be financially out of the water yet, but things are hopeful. And I am grateful at the progress we made and I have made. People gave belief in the Brand. All I know is I wouldn’t be in a better situation if it wasn’t for their help they gave me support once again.

So for those who are thankful for this year, be grateful for those who got you where you are this year. As for those who didn’t have a good year, be grateful for the help you did get. This is a different attitude that I have had. I was angry, disgruntled and hostile a few years ago, but I am finding my peace. I may have my moments, but I am working stronger to be a better person in life. So again thank you for everything.

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