Monthly Update for November 2018

The month of October saw the release of Journal to the Dreamscapes and the new season of Totem Wolf and Bearheart Podcast. The Book of Seasons: The Journey through the Years Cycle is about to be released next month. And still waiting on the Audiobook to come out.

What is coming next for the The Joseph Evaldi Brand. The Joseph Evaldi will come out with the season of The Joseph Evaldi Podcast around the holiday time and it will be the new format a change from before  It is finding it’s identity and it is always rebranding. This Summer it launched new shows for the network. The Joseph Evaldi Podcast is the flagship show for the brand and it will join the other shows soon.

This is a time to be thankful and I have a lot to be thankful, the rebranding has been a success. Do to hard work, The Joseph Evaldi Brand found its focus. In a way, it was returning to its grass roots and we pulled through. There will be more painting to along the way. Writing, Podcasting, and Art are his interest.

Thanks to help from his friends he weeds out the treachery that is no longer associated with the Joseph Evaldi Brand those who said that they would be there, but never showed up and lied. That is why we ran the campaign in the beginning of the year, “We stand tall despite defeat.” Bottom line is we fought back, maybe not in profit, but in a brand that rediscovered itself. Sometimes its people not giving up on you and helping you with your vision. This is why I am Thankful for the people who helped me this year. They never gave up even the struggle is grand. Just recently I have been dearthy, but it was my own doing this time. I bought the DVDs of The Honeymooners and The Twilight Zone for Episodes of Ricky and Wolfman and the Totem Wolf Show. And I was broke once again at least this time it was worth it.

I did harvest, but it was the season to reevaluate. Now I am going to release what needs releasing and prepare for next year where new goals will be set. This is October 31st as I write this. The special Halloween edition of Ricky and Wolfman show will be tonight as we break open the Twilight Zone and watch an episode of the Twilight Zone doing commentary. It will be Episode 1.

Many more episodes of The Joseph Evaldi Network  on Spreaker are coming out. They are recorded and ready to go and there is a lot of excitement in the brand once again. And next month we bring it home.  Maybe another show might come, we don’t know. All I know is we will grow in the next year. But first lets finish November.


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