Update for October 2018

Live on Spreaker and Itunes, we launched 4 new shows Inspirations w/ the Jabber, Spiritus Holographica and two shows for the price of none Yesterdays News w/ Joe Vector and Kurt and formerly of the Olk n’ us Network now on The Joseph Evaldi Network, The Ricky and Wolfman Show which in this month of October Back to the Future will be analyzed and discussed.

Also we have more in works with The Joseph Evaldi Brand. There is an audio of A Soul Warrior’s Journey in the works. And it should be ready sometime November, just before Christmas time. During that time I will release a special Joseph Evaldi Podcast Featuring the audio of A Soul Warrior’s Journey. It will be the first two chapters. The narrator Andrew Garrett was excellent with his narration. I’m waiting for the book to come out.

I also worked on something new to, it’s on the seasons. That’s all I will say. I don’t know when it will come out. If not December 21, maybe around March 20 or 21st, the first day of Spring. This will be the first book of the rebrand that I did January 1, 2018 of this year and now it is coming to it’s own and as the slogan said “We stand tall despite defeat.” We might have been knocked on our ass, but we battled back. We finally are investing in ourselves and in control of what we do with our money and not putting it in other peoples hands. That was the first step in our rebranding. Those who were only using Joseph Evaldi and running him broke got released from the brand. Only those who truly supported the brand stayed.

Podcasting from the help of Richard Andrew Olkusz has helped the brand a lot, which it rebranded where Podcasting was a big part of the rebrand. Book writing will comeback to the midst. The focus will be there.

Joseph Evaldi has realized the importance of his brand. And he realizes that the importance to be there for his friends is everything. And he considers everyone who is apart of the Brand to be apart of the family. If I didn’t say it before I say it now in appreciation. And I will have a special blog around Christmas time specially for The Joseph Evaldi Brand and Joseph Evaldi Author Facebook Page where it will be posted and on Twitter to say how much I thank you for those who stayed and weathered the storm. I know we lost a few members along the way, but it’s you who are my loyal supporters who I thank. We are only going to grow from here. And the Joseph Evaldi Brand is a community feel free to post comments and feel free to suggest what you would like me to work on next as I will try my best to get it out to you.

A lot of things in store for the Brand. It is just picking up and I attribute you for the thanks I have. I didn’t appreciate much of what I had before, but I do now so thank you. Stay tuned for more.

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