I feel I need to make this blog about Kavanaugh and the hearings. I didn’t listen nor watch them. My Dad wanted me to watch them, but I didn’t. Does that make me a bad person.

For starters, I said a post that I could careless about the Kavanaugh hearings on Mayim Bialik’s post. All I said was I wanted to write, do podcasts and do art. Hearing angry people with destain going after an angry misogynist is not my idea of fun. I have better things to do with my time on my day off then listening to hearings and getting upset because that’s what it would do and for those who don’t know I made many posts before in the past that were emotionally charged and I feared what people would say and it had an effect on my mental health. And for those who I offended I apologize.

Yes these are serious issues and the guy Kavanaugh a misogynist could make the wrong decision to woman as brought to my attention. But on the other end of the spectrum a Feminist could make harsh decisions to men if they were abused.

Fact is I AM NOT IN FAVOR of Kavanaugh and I AM NOT IN FAVOR of whom the Dems would have put in. I wanted someone middle of the road and kind of like Abraham Lincoln if he was alive. I said this. Someone who would speak up for the best of the country and keep it together.

He as seen on TV had a bad history and I wouldn’t want that representing us as a Judge. I didn’t mean to be Political and then I was attacked for my comment. Maybe that was bad taste on my part so for those who were offended I apologize.

Someone like him would judge women harshly and that is not good. That is why I said someone who gets in should judge women and men fairly, women do get abused and it is not right, but at the same end, men do get abused, but it is not reported. Men are afraid because they will be laughed at by the cop and this is serious. Remember John Bobbit had his Penis cut off and this was extreme. Im not saying he was a good person in the relationship, but to have a member cut off. It is extreme and this was laughed at but the guy was in excruciating pain. Was this right? Would you want a dire hard Feminist in their who would judge in favor of her because he was a bad person. She cut off his member.

I’m just bringing up an attention Kavanaugh is not a good choose, but we are living in a society where it is not just woman abuse now it is men abuse and that needs to be taken into account. Even though there is a small cases it should be looked at.

That is why I’m saying someone who gets in should be fair and again. I don’t believe this guy is fair and will judge for our behalf. In my opinion it should be someone down the middle who is fair. But I am making this stance because these are my views. I wouldn’t want someone being unfair to women, and I don’t want someone being unfair to men. I will repeat a misogynist looks good on trial by a lawyer, but does it actual tell what he actually has done. Only God could judge him with that.


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