4th Annual Harvest Blog

It started to be a tradition of growth, but what is growth? The first year, I grew rapidly as my books were all over the place, but did I harvest right? My harvest was wild, I didn’t get a chance to cultivate the harvest needed and it showed in year two. Year two I didn’t know what I was doing as I experienced loss and it hurt. Even though I couldn’t get back what I lost, money or love, I moved on and I paid in year three with how poor I harvested. I’m not here to talk about the mistakes I’ve made. I’ve made them. I shouldn’t look back at regret. We are here in my 4th Annual Harvest Blog.

This year was about rebranding. For those who have not seen me in awhile, you will see me once more. I was wounded like a dog at the end of the year or wounded like the wolf. I needed to heal and grow new seeds once more and as my pain was released day by day, I planted those seeds. Maybe none of my books grew because of it, but needless to say those seeds were planted.

This year was a behind the scenes year. It felt I couldn’t get anything going, but I worked on stuff. My Podcasting was a part of that and the help of Richard Andrew Olkusz and others who have helped to give support I appreciate. I appreciate those who came into my life as I’ve grown from my experience. Personal and Business.

We would think a harvest is how much is grown and rewarded from it, but a harvest can be what will be harvested for future harvest. Sometimes seeds don’t grow right away. Sometimes things need to be reevaluated and harvested truly. Even though there were no rewards, the planting process was rewarding. Maybe I didn’t produce as I’ve wanted but looking back it was rewarding. I have many directions to take I just have to put the work in and grow the plants and truly harvest preparing for a year 5 of the blog.

I learned of friendship this year. I learned that those go through similar problems only try to manage the best they can and I am not alone with these problems as I realized. Maybe I’m not where I want to be, but I don’t look back in regret. Yes, I’ve made mistakes, but we all have. The year was about regrouping and finding myself again even if I wasn’t alone. I learned we were trying to put water on a flame that was going on for awhile, but now we can deal with that flame better. The crops were damaged before, but they needed time to recover as any harvest season.

Sometimes you just harvest right and things are good. You appreciate the things in your life that you took granted for on before as I did. I took for granted going to The Coffee Houses, to write, do art and podcast. I don’t take them for granted again. I am in appreciation.

We all planted this year. Some prospered with their harvest and some didn’t. And if you are like Seth Rollins in 1996 and rebuilding again or like Daniel Bryan and on the top of his harvest when he was hot. We live to harvest and we live to plant. Maybe we plant wild, or maybe we plant seeds and grow them at the right time. And when we grow them, it will be the right timing and we will appreciate what is grown in life.

I thank those who I have come across with and that they have grown me into a better person. Maybe I was the seed that needed to be replanted and I was replanted this year. Thank You again for those who helped and you know who you are. You gave me my redemption. Can’t wait to see everyone again.


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