Update for September 2018

As the turn of events go till the end of Summer heading towards September 2018, The Joseph Evaldi Brand has a lot going on for Podcasting. We are proud to say that we picked up a sponsor in getdialog.am. They are a company that does Podcasting like Spreaker, but by incorporating live conversations as we broadcast them on the internet. It will be more exposure for the Brand. We have come along way. We won’t be leaving Spreaker, but I consider this as an extension of the Brand kind of how Fox is for WWE now. This will be an extension of The Joseph Evaldi Podcast where I will bring over to Dialog I am a little nervous about it, but I will see how it goes.

However, I have more in store for The Joseph Evaldi Network on Spreaker. Featuring new shows such as Inspirations with The Jabber a show that features a lighter side of life and as we discuss enjoyment with the muses we do in life. And a lighter look at how we enjoy our mental health approach in life.

Also, Jobber’s Pit is coming to the Network. Jobber’s Pit is a show that features a discussion of our top three or five topics in pro wrestling such as cage matches, title matches and yes jobbers. The host of the show is Joe Macho and the co host is Roman Garcia. Should be a Good Show.

Another show on the Network will be Spiritus Holographica. A show that features the possibilities of holographic reality and parallel earths. What are the scenarios that will be faced in it. Show features Wolfman Joe and his co host Ricky they will discuss these scenarios. I will also feature special guest co hosts to. It should be a fun show.

Then introducing two new shows formerly of the Olk n’ Us Network with Richard Andrew Olkusz the Ricky and Wolfman Show got brought over to the Network. It was a show that featured the top 3 topics, but there was no room on the network. I picked it up and rebranded it we will watch movies on the show. And the first movies will watch and analyze are on the Matrix series. We give respect to the creators of it.

Also, brought to the Network never given a fair shake Yesterdays News with Joe Vector and Kurt. It is a news show featuring the lastest news and also fake news as Donald Trump would put it. This will be reported by Apocolyptic News Reporter on Assignment who is reporting on all worst case scenarios Dirk Rimrod. Poor guy we don’t even know if he will survive or not. This is fake news only as The Ace Reporter Joe Vector could report, but he only reports the AP News and when it’s AP its real.

This is what we have in store for the Network. We are happy to have the five shows come for the Joseph Evaldi Network. And we are happy to have the flagship show The Joseph Evaldi Podcast picked up on getdialog.am. Things are heating up this coming September.

As of Summer 2015, Podcasting has been big for Joseph Evaldi and since then the brand rebranded in January 2018. And this September is the Relaunch of the Brand. We are back in b

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