An Update for August 2018 and Also Preview for September 2018

With my absence this year has been about rebranding and reevaluating everything. In the beginning of the year I have done podcasts on the Olk n’ Us Network and The Joseph Evaldi Network which was launched this year. Some featuring The Brand New Totem Wolf and Bearheart Podcast and Slo Mo Joe Poetry Show. Also on the Olk n’ Us Network there was a show called The Ricky and Wolfman Show. This Winter Podcasting was the thing to do. I was coming out of a bad situation and Podcasting was the thing that helped me cope with matters.

Also this past month The Joseph Evaldi Podcast rebranded itself featuring guest, news and closing poetry. The Joseph Evaldi Network is rebranding and is going to be ready September to launch three new shows on the network.

One show is called Spiritus Holographica a show based on interpreting ideas of the holograms or spirit and delving into ideas of parallel realities.

Also, Jobbers Pit a show where me and a friend run down the top 3 or 5 of any topic of wrestling and we give our rating. A show that I would like is Top 3 Jobbers. And there is more.

Also, in September we are proud to announce that The Ricky and Wolfman Show is coming to The Joseph Evaldi Network. It will be rebranded. Due to air time constraints on the Olk n’ Us Network. It was dropped. But Joseph Evaldi saw potential in the show and wanted it on his network and Ricky wanted to keep the project alive and worked out a deal with Joseph Evaldi. With convincing Network Execs the show was picked up on The Joseph Evaldi Network. And sometime this month we will have Ricky on as a guest for The Joseph Evaldi Podcast. To discuss this big move to the network.

This is wrapping up to be a good season on podcasting. And we look forward to the new season. Many more guests will be on to on the Network. Should be good.


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