I’m Sorry We Don’t Deliver in that Area The Story of Domino’s Pizza

I haven’t blogged in awhile, but this is for a good cause of my distain. The new saying of “I’m Sorry, but we don’t deliver in that area.” It took me one Chinese restaurant, One Pizzeria and Three Domino’s Pizzas, Three before I got to one Pizzeria who delivered.

Now, I’m at work and I am hungry I can’t leave for 11 hours. Granted the Chinese restaurant said they didn’t have a delivery person, they are forgiven and the Pizzeria same thing. However, for Dominos Pizza to not deliver it is appalling.

What my friend would say is, “Is my money no good?” And it is like an employee saying, “It is not in my job description.” What kind of bull shit is, “I’m sorry, We don’t deliver in that Area.

I was hungry and they denied me of food, they could have made another trip for that circumstance.

What happened to the saying, “The customer comes first.” Dominos new saying is F the customer, “I’m sorry, We don’t deliver in that Area. Well I’m sorry my money isn’t good enough for you.

Luckily I found a Pizzeria on Saturday to deliver my food to me.

To make matters worse, I was boycotting Dominos on Sunday for WrestleMania and the treachery continued. Pizza Hut said those words, “I’m sorry, we don’t deliver in that area.” And Little Caesar’s said, “We only deliver if you have the app.” And I’m not even getting to my story of WrestleMania that is another story, but I will do this Pizza story first.

It is wrong, customers will give you business and they will keep on coming back. Just for what Dominos did to me saying, “I’m sorry we don’t deliver in that area.” The new saying of Dominos I boycott their business. The damage has been done. After I lost my car do to an accident awhile ago for them and this is how they treat a former employee without knowing. I boycott their business. I suggest you do the same. Until they change their policies and start taking care of their customer then so be it.

Bottom line, I could have passed out with no food for the 11 hour shift and they would not care and I worked 14 hours that day. So Dominos take your, “I’m sorry, I don’t deliver in that area” policy and shove it up your ass, pardon my language.

It is upsetting and there should be respect for the customer. I said enough you get the point. If you don’t treat the customer with respect and go the extra mile. And Dominos didn’t go the extra mile. (Saying it Sarcastically) Thank You Dominos for Going the Extra Mile. Seriously.

Picture from Unsplash

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