Spring Season of Change

Spring is a Season of Change. In the modern world and ancient world, Spring was the Season after the harshness of a Cold Winter that the flowers came out, people went out again, and the weather changed. It was also a season of purging.

With purging many got out what they didn’t need and they got rid or sold the stuff they didn’t need any more and they found new homes for people. People are always buying.

And also if you get tax money back from the IRS you get new stuff that you need enhance the home or living space.

Recently I went on a shopping spree and purchased a Tea Kettle and a Mr. Coffee BVMC-ECM260-RB-1 Steam Espresso and Cappuccino Maker, Black. I got an Espresso and Cappuccino Maker for my love of coffee and my wanting to learn how to make coffee. It adds to my collection that I have with coffee stuff.

Spring is the actually start to start new interests. Maybe you get into relationships you get excited about the possibilities. You get excited of what is to come. Bills are paid off and suddenly you can breathe again for a little bit.

The importance of the season is that you can go outdoors. You can enjoy life. Maybe you are with another and things have changed. I am with another now and I am happier than I was before. She helped stir me in the right direction and I am happy about that.

It is like life. Life is change. Two years ago, I underwent a storm or a nightmare that lasted a long time and finally came to an end. Sometimes you have to be willing to take your power back.

Spring is the Season of Change. Right now there is a nasty storm in the east coast and it is Old Man Winter. And people get prepared the last time for Spring once more. Old Man Winter reminds us that people were left in dearth. Winter was the Season where not a lot of people were making money. It is the worst quarter of the year. However the season was hopeful.

Now, we prepare for the seasons to change once again. Work picks up, sales pick up, and purging takes place. Right now change has taken place with me. I find myself in a new environment writing at home in my Kitchen. I may even write at my girlfriends house to. But my kitchen seems to be my haven. I could make coffee and work.

Things change and people fade out of places. I know I have faded from places. Places where my energy doesn’t belong any more and I felt a shift. My shift is to create an environment that I enjoy and like and it starts within.

Just as seeds grow and blossom. They are watered and if nurtured they grow. This helps along the way. We are all like seeds that need to grow. If we are not nurtured we don’t blossom and we can’t soak in the rewards afterwards. For example a tree growing needs to be trimmed once in awhile or it will be wild. That is why the tree sheds it’s leaves in the Fall. It knows the value of the season. That it tells us we need to purge what we don’t need and we do that in Spring and then we begin a new again.

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