Embracing the Winds of Change

For awhile I didn’t post. There were many things I couldn’t face or environments that I couldn’t go in. Many of them were because I faced humiliation from my own mistakes. Some now are environments I’m not sure I want to go to. But there was a change in me from since the beginning of April when I experienced my break up, which I do wish her the best, but now I am on a new path that I am embracing.

In the beginning of my breakup, I didn’t know the cruel world for what it was, then I experienced that world. I fell from scams even though I should have listened to friends advise. I regret it to this day. But we all go through mistakes and we all learn even if some is the hard way, but we still fall anyway.

Many business men and other people, some who are poor, pay money they don’t have like myself to scams going to Nigeria or elsewhere. Some promise you something and some promise you nothing. Some say they will see you if you give me thousands of dollars and we keep sending money. Some will say they are in need and you become their enabler when we lose money do to their scam. You only can help who you can and should help your family or your loved ones like I should have. I could have been smarter.

Even though it has been since December and January since I fell from my last scam. It makes me think that these people don’t care who they hurt and keep on hurting them. I am getting back on track and for the first time in a very long time I am getting my life back on track.

I splurged on buying breakfast food, snacks, lunch food, coffee for the house, and able to spend on McDonalds twice for me and my other half now, which is also a new chapter in my life. I actually could get gas in my car and suddenly I am breathing with paying my debts down.

I am buying food without feeling guilty. It is a long road and they tried to destroy me, those who scammed me, but I am proof to everyone who has been scammed that you can still stand tall despite defeat.

Do I live in a Mansion? No. Do I have a fancy car? No. Do I have a Million Dollars? No. Do I have a Thousand Dollars to spend? No. But could I make art and write? Yes. And do I have food on my table now? Yes.

People take the small things for granted. Some things such as food or a roof over your head, but when living on maybe $2 a day, you appreciate the beauty such as being able to have these things. Having money after this time makes you want to help those in need.

I’m happy with my life now. I stood tall despite defeat and now I’m succeeding in life. A success to me is able to spend on my own food without the help of my Dad. Even though help from my old man is good and I respect what he does more. I can make it by buying food and my bills. Do I still need help yes, but I am in better shape then I was.

And in a way it is a testament of the human spirit that one could succeed after a devastating defeat after months. I’m more humble to life and appreciate the friends that I have in my life. Even though I wish I didn’t make the mistakes that I did, I know that I can succeed in the debt cycle. And even though I am still a rat in the race, I am healing and moving onto tomorrow. And even though the scammers destroyed me, they did not truly defeat me.

It is a wind of change. Where two years ago my life came crashing down. Two years later I am on my feet again. I’m happy with the fact I have food and coffee and most importantly in a relationship now.


This blog will be changing next month. I will be blogging a little more and I’m working on getting a blogger for the site. I know it has been slow with the blogs, but I have been getting my creative juices going again. It has not been an easy task. I started reading books again and I had to clear up the bull shit.

I will try to have a format for my writing. such as writing on 3 to 5 tips on something. Maybe I will shift to writing about coffee next month. Maybe I will discuss about what works for me as I brew coffee in the morning or when I do brew coffee. It will be a shift. I will do recipes original or discussing what works for me. They may have worked and used by someone but I will discuss it anyway.

I am going to change the tune to this blog. Next month. It will be about coffee and about art. I will post about my artwork and I will go into detail about what inspired it. I am going to go away from self help and going into art and coffee.

It will be a change. I’m taking a break from self help, even though I like it, it is not an interest of mine now and I got to change with my interest. If I like coffee I will stick with that.

It is truly the winds of change. With change comes a new time and I am going where my vibe goes. So stay tuned.

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