The Mythical Journey of the Hero

Joseph Campbell wrote in his book about The Heroes Journey. An arch where the hero falls and rises again. As he says there are people who take roles that are filled when we fall and there are key people there when we rise again.

There are many archs in the heroes battle rather it is with good vs. evil or the hero rising. Another is the man and woman struggle. Each arch position what they person goes through and how much that they had enough with the story to change it.

Haven’t you told yourself the same story over again, positive or negative, only to get those same results and worse. And in that battle you realized you have the power to change the program or story if you seek fit. And realizing that you can have power over a monster or the monster inside yourself, you have power to rise above your situation.

When you don’t give the power to the beasts, you can contain those monsters. Monsters can be anything now a days, they can be through text and even physical. But the greatest battle is the battle within which many call “The Darkest Night of The Soul”  and in that we have to come to term and accept our demons and know they exist and not run away from them. We can feel regret or we can atone for our sins. As they say. it is only when we atone from our sins we can move on and be whole and complete.

And many feel you have to be free from these problems, but if we accept our period of grace in this period and not let the inner critic in ourselves beat us up and we allow ourselves to be human and we accept and build a healthy life afterwards.

In the Amish culture, they build this into their society. The wise ones know to become wise the youth has to go through their trials and tribulations. It is how they can truly learn about life.

When people are prevented everywhere from experiences, damage can be done and the youth will rebel. Even if it is the other way around. People are needed to be human.

In ancient mythology, the gods always tortured the humans because they were just their play things, but they misunderstood the fight of the humans. Humans try to act like the gods and some act barbaric. Meaning they can rise above the evils of the world if given, but it is like a vortex and like me I’m a dreamer. I believe I will win despite the surmountable odds.

But what is a victory? When all was lost. Is a victory more money is in my pocket or is it times of bounty? Is it marriage or is it success? When life is starting over again what is victory? And could I have been wrong. We face these questions in rebranding and the first step is to accept that we are human.

When we accept we are human we can rise. There was a scene in The movie Peaceful Warrior. It was about Dan Millman, who broke his leg and needed retraining again. He drank a lot and was reckless. and as his heroes journey was after he was starting to heal and his mentor had asked him to have a drink with him. It was his way of saying that he can overcome and have control of his urges. He worked on bettering himself and it wasn’t habit forming any more. And he trained again. As Dan put it, it is the Way of the Peaceful Warrior. It is overcoming your habits and becoming stronger. It is then you rise and are able to face your fears, but you must embrace them, and as it was said in Kung Fu : The Legend Continues, “Become one with it.”

Without work in yourself, you can not rise. The fall is a part of life, but if we perpetually keep ourselves in the fall and tell ourselves we have fallen, then we will have those results. When we tell ourselves we will rise things will improve. it is almost like a self fulfilling prophecy.

Facing the system it is apart of the heroes journey. We have to suffer to get through the journey. But when we get past it, we rise above the destruction that was in our path. We have a new attitude. We meet people who support our habits and we get there. We may get to the Promised Land so to speak.

Facing these problems have been there since the beginning of time and even before. And when the rise happens and momentum picks up it’s gonna feel good. I was down on the ground, but now it is time for me to rise and rise out of the depths of hell. Maybe we have paid our price and accept our flaws. We might not be perfect, but we can stand tall despite defeat and we can rise out of where we were. It is all about shifting the story and telling us a new story along the road. It would all be apart of the heroes journey as Joseph Campbell would point out.


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