Now That We are Settled Into Winter

Now that we settled into Winter what do we do? This is the question we ask ourselves when it is cold and we feel like not going outside. For some we stay in, but some go out because our homes are in discontent.

We have stuff that is sitting there and we know that it needs to be heaved our owners need to be found. However, many times we don’t dump it is because we want a good home for the item and we don’t want it to go to waste, but it is the cold of winter.

Meanwhile your body tells you to rest and just go to your job that is light right now. However, your body tells you its time to clean out the inside and this is taking care of right around this time of year, especially after Valentine’s Day. Because items need to be set into place in order to sell them.

If you see on Facebook Marketplace and you type in my name Joe Evaldi you will see some of my paintings, some old wrestling tapes, some old DVD’s, old Video Game stuff, and even some books I am trying to sell. This is just an effort to fund my brand and pay some well needed bills that need to be paid. Keep looking I will post more of them everyday. It is my effort to revamp my brand and fund raising of selling some stuff. Also, it is an effort to have well needed repairs for my room and the downstairs. By creating a better environment I could restore my creativity to the level I can produce and I can aim to creating a better brand you enjoy.

Comfort is everything. When things are broken you are and you have to work to repair that damage. Even if it is items that are broken. When they are not fixed there is disharmony and you feel the disharmony echoing through your soul as if it was discontented.

This is what this season is all about we are getting ready to purge and getting ready to create for a better tomorrow. And in a way that is what I am going to do. Some things need to go to create a better tomorrow which means old stuff have to go. And this is changes we all have to make and this is changes we all think about now. Because Spring will be around the corner before we know it.

It is time to prepare for tomorrow. And it is time to create a better vision for tomorrow. And if we succeed that it is a vision we can all look forward to.


There are a lot more blogs coming in February this is the first in many and more will be to come.

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