Monthly Update for February 2018

What can I say about the changing tides of The Joseph Evaldi Brand. It has been a busy month and more to come next month.

First let me start of with the launch of the brand it has been about reevaluating how I do things and reevaluating and changing and putting out the best. This is what I aspire to do. This month I have been busy in the podcasting field as I have launched The Joseph Evaldi Network which is apart of The Joseph Evaldi Brand.

It is a network where we feature podcasting and we have added three channel, one more is in the works. One channel I have added was The Totem Wolf and Bear Heart Podcast featuring Curtis Bear Heart who is an emissary of The Olk n’ Us Network. We feature comedy as we crack jokes and do commentary of videos you can’t see kind of like Mystery Science Theater 3000, but on a Podcast.

Second, I released The Slo Mo Joe’s Timeless Poetry where we sit and discuss Timeless Poetry from our body of work on this Podcast.

Third, The Reading of A Soul Warriors Journey, This is where I read the book of A Soul Warrior’s Journey to everyone. A book that is now available on the Amazon Kindle and available on Amazon. It is written by me Joseph Evaldi.

Next month will be much of the same more episodes are coming especially from The Joseph Evaldi Podcast. More will come along the way. But we will see how things are. I plan on blogging more in this period of time and maybe tell short stories. We will see how things will go from here.

Also, I am selling some artwork and stuff that I don’t need any more. To raise money for the brand. look at Joe Evaldi at Facebook Marketplace I will put stuff up for sale. Things have to go. In order to usher in a change stuff has to go and I am gathering stuff up.

If you want stuff for Valentine’s Day go to Joseph Evaldi Creative Art at Café it is a website where you could find my artwork put on mugs, clothing, etc. Some future blogs will feature some of my items. Follow me on The Joseph Evaldi Brand Facebook Page. This is where I will post items that appeal to the Brand and other stuff that appeal to the brand.

Things are turning around and it is a new year and the year is under way. Now I will focus and get into gear. We are still standing despite what you put us through and we may have a period of dearth, but know dearth will change and it will be bountiful. I will talk about this dearth in the next blog in the seasons.

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