Tunnel of Time

Time represents many things. Rather you are compelled with living to time or time will find you. Just like clocks each represent a time period and when grandfather clocks stop in time it is as if time stands still.

Where digital time, it is all about the numbers.

When time originated they told what time was by the sun dial. But our perception of time has changed and speed up with the birth of the digital clock. It is just perception as our clocks tick. You want moments to slow down, when some want time to speed up, but who wants to speed up time. It will rush, but eventually time will catch up.

Don’t you wish moments to stand still despite the stress. Maybe you can’t make the most of time and maybe you feel time is slipping by and despite whatever is said it’s the moments to write this that my words will have come alive and they dance once more.

We fight for those words and those words are granted to us all the time, but we have to fight for them because we will never get those words back and we will never get time back once it’s lost.

Many try to go into the past, but it’s only thoughts that live on and adaptively gets in the way of moments you could have had for your bliss whatever it is.

If your bliss is with the one, make those moments last. You never know when you will get them back. You never know when they slip into the abyss and you will never get those moments back.

Time is something to fight for, but you can’t force it. It is like the muse, time will tell you what you want to do and you have to feel it. It will call you and you will answer the call and you will have to be ready to answer the call of time.

Time is like love in a way. If you don’t give time your love, it won’t follow. If you have everything getting in the way of time then it will destroy you and you will be frustrated. Sometimes you have to give time for love. Just as if you have to give time for time. You don’t give time for time, time will not be kind, so give time for time.

To give credit to picture go to Unsplash and this is HTML for Clock picture by Niklas Rhose

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