Happy New Year, Welcome to the Relaunch of The Joseph Evaldi Brand

Finally with out further ado so to speak, we relaunch The Joseph Evaldi Brand. “We Stand Tall Despite Defeat, and Hope for One Victory.” This is our new slogan going forward in the company. We have found our identity and we are reborn again. We have all survived the storm or other storms of 2017 and we are in the New Year.

As you will notice in the brand I have the same banner on my Twitter Page, My Facebook Page, YouTube, Google Plus, WordPress, and Blogspot site. Although I have many faces one slogan remains the same and that is We Stand Tall Despite Defeat.

We wear many different hats in a company. One hat we wear is the hat to do what we truly love again. It is the true meaning of our passion. And that means this company starts over again today. Which means we start with no funding. Even though we have support. We start from scratch all over again.

Since sabatoge from the previous regime of the old brand it nearly tried to wipe this brand out of existence and nearly destroyed Joseph Evaldi, and thus thanks to Ricky he brought out The Wolfman again. Ricky is a friend of this Joseph Evaldi Brand and is a great supporter others have contributed as well, but Ricky helped give The Wolfman a Platform and this will help with the rebranding process. Hint stay tuned on Itunes for the Ricky and The Wolfman Podcast, but it will come out soon.

I will find my passion in writing and I will write more and try to get a book out by the end of the year. But know my work will be out and about. I have big things in store. And maybe if the rumors are true when timing is right I have a big client who will support this brand,  but we don’t know too much information rumors haven’t been identified yet officially so stay tuned. When we have more information and it is confirmed we will reveal who is backing this brand and it will shake things up so to speak as if it was Vince, but it is not him I guarantee.

I will paint and I will write. Going forward this is a big part of the rebranding process. You will see some of my stuff shortly new canvases were bought there for we can begin again.

Also, The Joseph Evaldi Podcast will continue. He is a one man band, but maybe he will invite some guests into the show and continue to go from there.

This is a brand new vibe and feel for the rebrand and relaunch. All we know fans of the blog. That this is not a one man show any more. It is a we and going forward it is working for a bigger cause then ourselves. Yes, a bigger cause then ourselves.

The Slogan, “We stand tall despite defeat, and hope for one victory,” says that we face many problems in the world and even though we may get defeated time after time, it’s the little victories that get us to achieve the victory as I have heard and learned. This is why we are starting over again with the brand.

We have all faced defeat in 2017. However, this is 2018 a brand new year. Although their may be crime in the streets and wars that may not be solved and money being stolen from others. We can always stand tall and fight and keep fight despite that destruction and sometimes we have to keep moving forward despite defeat. Sometimes we have to take those little victories as we go on. Because that One Victory will count. And one victory will lead us to that mountaintop so to speak. And when reach their and see all that we have accomplished and see the journey we have gotten to get their we will be proud.

This is the bases of The Joseph Evaldi Brand. and we going forward will aspire not to be the greatest company any more, but we aspire to be great one day. Because when we remove that pressure of being great, we can truly have fun doing what we want to do in life and we can have fun every day. Sometimes you have to flip the script and 2018 is all about that and The Joseph Evaldi Brand to. Sometimes things don’t go as perfect as you want it, but that is life. I wanted to launch in the beginning it didn’t work. It takes time. And as a company going forward, we will take time to get to our One Victory whatever it maybe and however we define it, but we will get there because victories will add up and our victories will be the enjoyment in what we do and we will have fun again. It will kind of be like being a kid once again. Back to a time where we laughed and enjoyed life not when things got complicated.

Welcome to The Joseph Evaldi Brand again and Happy New Year, may your year be grand.

My Plug that I am plugging is my Facebook Page at http://www.facebook.com/Josephevaldi and also you could find The Joseph Evaldi Podcast at Spreaker or on Itunes.

PS Stay tuned for more, big things ahead. If it is not perfect we will get there. However, we know now there is no such thing as Perfection we are all imperfect.

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