Last Blog before the Rebrand and the Year

It was said in a song by Tito & Tarantulo, “Forget about the past, forget about the guilt, I’m going back to the house that love built.” The fact is sometimes you got to put to rest the past before we get to the future. And that is what I am doing, so a lot of work is involved. However, here is a recap of the brand and what it once stood for before.

When I started the brand in November of 2014, We didn’t have an identity or a name. Through that process I wrote and wrote put many books out on the market and I began. I had a good year in 2015.

In 2015, my book became best seller in Amazon Canada for a few shorts hours, but I didn’t appreciate, I had no one to celebrate with. I had accomplished a lot and then my brand had collapsed and was going through turmoil. I didn’t give up despite everything but I was ready to collapse.

In 2016, I collapsed and the brand suffered, but it was ready to go through a process of reinvention. As I suffered I did timeless artwork that will echo through generations. Even though it is not distributed, but my passion for art was born. and I put in on cafepress. It was not a wasted year. Even though I might have been a failure financially. Especially after I went through the nightmare financially and didn’t come out with one thing writing wise in 2017.

However, in 2017, I edited a book by Rich Olkusz who will put out the book soon. I will keep you informed on what the book will be. Several more books will come about in his serious no, no I mean series.

It was in this time I was thinking and wanted to truly rebrand my market. Sometimes we stand tall despite defeat and sometimes we hope for that one victory to overcome life’s problems. Granted a lot of my philosophy might be debated from time to time but we go through the whirlwinds and storms throughout life and if we don’t go through the storms we can’t go through tomorrow.

This cause is bigger than myself. When I started. It was just me with a dream and since then it has grown bigger. We have all faced defeats in life and we all want to overcome and we all work to find the true meaning of greatness. Maybe we can never achieve perfection, but we can achieve the next best thing the journey for perfection even if we may never achieve the highest mountain. At the end of our lives after all our achievements if we are not alone and by family, we achieve it.

Life is grand and life is great if we accept it. Sometimes it is in the DNA to be great, and sometimes we have to work a little harder even though our passion is there. But sometimes we have to accept the defeats in life and accept that tomorrow may not be better than the next. If we accept that we can’t achieve greatness, we will be great beyond wildest belief.

As we move into the year in retrospect. Times will have changed and this brand will be relaunched. I know their deadlines and everything has to be perfect, but who says life is about perfection. Everybody wants things done so, but the truth is we are all a little less perfect even Vince McMahon to. And he knows we have all had dreams and some dreams were failures and sometimes we shouldn’t give up on them and sometimes they will succeed in life despite the failure especially with the XFL.

A production can only be perfect when things fall into place and everything falls into place in life that is why this brand finally has a name The Joseph Evaldi Brand. I will discuss more on what will be done with the relaunch I have a lot of work that needs to be done.

Tomorrow is not just the beginning of the year it is the beginning of the new relaunch of the brand, The Joseph Evaldi Brand. We have many things in store next year now it is not a me it is a We.

Final words before I close, We are only perfect with the imperfections in life and it gears us up for the higher calling and higher purpose in life that is where it is going next. Because we will stand tall despite defeat, and hope for one victory. I will leave it like that.

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