What It Takes to Be The Ultimate Jobber

When I think of Jobber’s I think of Iron Mike Sharpe, Barry O, Curt Hawkins, SD Jones, Heath Slater. Also in movies we think of jobbers such as the 40 Year Virgin, Chris Brander with women at least the woman he couldn’t get, And then I think of Politics Al Gore, I mean it was a screw job and he couldn’t fight it and pull it off. He lost in faction.

Why is there a need for an Ultimate Jobber. Sometimes they have hope like Barry Horowitz and they just win. Maybe they felt sorry for him and they would just let him get victory I don’t know, he held a title. He felt like a winner afterwards and he won. He became a winner. Good for him.

Then there is Dolph Zigglar, he knows he could better and is the show off, but lets face it unless he repackages himself he will never win he will put people over just to make them look good. This will defeat himself.

People lose at life. Heck raise your hand or comment on my pages if you feel that you have been and Ultimate Jobber this year. Maybe you would feel good to win if you win, but losing all the time is hard and you give up hope. Well, if you give up hope, you should have a sense of humor about it.

There is time to joke and time to be serious, but if you don’t laugh and make things a joke at times things won’t be any better. Just think I read on the screen that a basketball team was on a scoring drought, I thought they were on a scoring drought like me with woman. lmao. I guess we think of things like that. We might need someone to help them score eventually, I need those lessons to I’ve been on a losing streak. A real long one, I am the poor man’s Flair. Maybe one day a victory will come to me, but that aint today, I only could build up to it like Daniel Bryan and have them say Yes Yes Yes.

That is enough for now. More next time.


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