“To Be The Man, You’ve Got to Beat the Man” What If Your Not the Man? The Story of Batman and The Joker

Ric Flair says, “To Be the Man, You’ve Got to Beat the Man.” Let’s Face it I will never be a Ric Flair, “The Nature Boy.” And if anything I’m far from being the Man. Hell the women will look at me and they will look away. If anything I’ve humiliated myself more times that I would need help from Ric Flair to get me over.

But I’m learning the ropes. I have good friends. I am doing what most guys won’t do openly admit they are not the man. Many guys know the pain to they can’t get the woman they want, they have to settle for something they don’t want. How about go for something that you want.

And if you fail. Fail so bad that you can laugh so  bad about it at the end and you will remember years later when you failed. Have fun with life.

The Joker was an often misunderstood Villian all he wanted to do was have fun, but somewhere along the line he lost the idea of fun and he became evil and wanted to kill it. He knew the rich were trying to set up the authorities to kill his fun and then the Joker had hatred in his hard. No one at the time were having fun and he took a sense of dark humor as he went and killed others for fun. He felt like Billy the Kid, he had to kill those that did him wrong so he killed the parents of Bruce Wayne and thus became the birth of Batman, he wasn’t out for fun he was out for Justice. He didn’t laugh despite his trauma. He had PTSD.

The Joker truly felt bad for Batman, that is why he tried to joke and cheer him up, but Harley Quinn saw the pain The Joker went through and tried to help him. Batman was running through town putting all criminals away he wanted to ruin their fun. For criminal at the time fun was stealing and alcohol. At the time people were poor so they wanted to have fun and enjoy life. Each did it in a certain way. Lets face it the rich at the time made life miserable for the poor. Their was a war between the Haves or Have Nots.

All the Joker wanted in life was to have fun, but like everyone else we all lost his way and as I saw in an episode of Mad Love an Episode of the Animated Series. I saw The Joker in therapy, he was truly trying to find inner peace, but they punished him for it as they did then.

I started this blog with Being the Man, but did Batman feel like a man when he could laugh anymore he was killing the laughter that others brought him in life and he became The Dark Knight.

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