There once was a Warrior who was young named Wolfman Joe. Wolfman Joe was young kid who become Wolfman Joe based on being outgoing, however he had the identity of Joseph Evaldi. Who was a perfectionist, but he was far from perfect. Even though he takes the name for books he does alone and the war waged on. As Joseph Evaldi was always miserable and was in the shadow of his friends, he was nervous around woman so he hated them only when younger.

In his hatred, he also hated himself and those around him. Although he hid it and tried to care. He was so self absorbed with himself that he tuned out the world and would have argued with anyone who believed different, but a friend of his was about to destroy Joseph Evaldi, but back to Wolfman Joe.

When he became Wolfman Joe he lived, It was a nickname for Joseph Evaldi. It was a way for him to live and express who he was. Wolfman Joe was known for splits, howls, Wooo’s from Ric Flair and Ice Hockey as a Goaltender. He became someone he wanted to be at the time. This let him express who he was in school. He was a writer at the time, he started with the Passage of Joe spreading it out in school, but he wasn’t there at the time. He had an inner struggle going on back and forth, between him and Joseph Evaldi. He was fighting against the person he wanted to become and who he is. His essence.

He graduated from school and Wolfman Joe became Joe Macho when he started working. Joe Macho could take on any box and pick it up. He worked and kept going even when he gave up. He was a short lived character. Things were starting to go Joseph Evaldi’s way, but he was Joe Evaldi. No one took him seriously. he was a joke and then Joe Evaldi was destroyed a day where he thought I don’t want to go to the hospital Joseph Evaldi took a beating that day and the essence was affected. He stayed in the hospital for brief stays and thought he was Socrates from the book he was reading. He was going on a journey of becoming a peaceful warrior as Dan Millman wrote, but didn’t know how to get there. He only briefly appeared because it was someone who he wanted to be like, but never was so he set out and books with him, James Redfield and the idea of Dr. Wayne Dyer set him on his path, then Joe Evaldi came back and the essence of Joseph Evaldi was destroyed.

It was a time where his so called friend destroyed his spirit so bad he lost all faith and confidence in himself gambling and took part in many open acts of sex. It is something one would not want to put out there, but it is necessary so The Wolfman could be born. Joseph Evaldi lost his path in life and started as a counselor. he didn’t care about roles or who he was and then he met people along his early journey to help see the beauty in him again, but after that day that he left his friends, Joseph Evaldi became a hermit and he read, he worked and he read, he work and read.

He met a woman a long the way who changed him more then he will ever know. She helped him to love again, but the heart of Joseph Evaldi was dead long time before she got there. Joe tried to laugh his way through the pain, but eventually anxiety was getting the best of him. Joseph Evaldi wanted to accomplish so much that A Soul Warrior’s Journey took the Soul out of him. He had no passion for life just worked and just wrote books. He had fun, but a break up with an ex would come this pissed of Joe he was not ready for it. He wanted to be a fun loving guy, but never was there. He lost his love and he became the God of Anger again, relentlessly attacking the world only he was Joseph Evaldi doing. Joseph tried to find a woman online she broke him financially and then the God of Anger came out and relentlessly attacked a woman who got cash out of him, she beat him down to the point that he didn’t care about anything any more.

He faced a downfall at the bar he went, a coffee house he attended, the job that he went to was even falling apart at work. The essence of Joseph Evaldi tried to write but his passion died, he painted instead. As Saint Francis he tried to create the beauty in life where there was none. Every aspect of Joseph Evaldi’s life was collapsing. Then Ricky was reading of the devastation of Joseph Evaldi and came to lend a helping hand.

Ricky was an old friend of his from high school. They knew each other, but only from a distance. He knew he could not help Joseph Evaldi the writer’s heart, but he could help retrieve his soul again. He could work on getting the Soul of The Wolfman back.

Joseph Evaldi edited and thought and had an obsession with Finances at the time, and then one conversation he had with Ricky changed his path where his lost all sense of reality and he went through time in his own mind, in this reality. At this time he changed nearly everything was destroyed in him even a friend he had. He beat himself over it constantly about everything. Wolfman Joe came back again for a school reunion, but his friend didn’t forgive him for the actions of Joe, who was in the past and angry. But Ricky was there to observe him Joseph do something that he didn’t was possible, he helped Joseph get his heart back. For the first time instead of writing about it he cared about others and truly wanted to make it memorable for other.

Then Ricky gave Joseph Evaldi a new name. The Birth of The Wolfman came. The Wolfman is someone who does not fight with anyone of other gimmicks that appears he is the master gimmick. He laughs, takes it easy. He is the ultimate jobber, but jobs for the good reason. When he is at a bar and it is the night and the bar isn’t closed he won’t stay at the end till the end of the night because he will job in fashion. It doesn’t matter. He has a good light heart about losing. This Wolfman is the Ultimate Loser now, lets face it he lost big time. So bad he makes Barry O look good for those who remember him.

This Wolfman will be light hearted with life he will make it count and memorable, everyone will like him because he is unique and he is not a jealous guy. Even if Joseph Evaldi comes in and gets pissed of because a woman he likes is with someone else. No he will job is classic fashion. The Wolfman is The Anti Ric Flair. Ric Flair gets woman. This Wolfman doesn’t, but he will get that one or a few when time is right time is not right for him, he is learning the game and people will help him along his journey.

His tag team partner Ricky will be there to guide him from a distance, he will be the King Kong Bundy to his Big John Studd. Together they will take on the forces of writing, philosophy, wrestling, and other topics I can’t name right now. We Go in Harmony as Ricky said to me, and I stand tall despite defeat. Let’s face we all lost and we just got to have good spirits and hope the Boogeyman won’t come to get you. I wonder what a Boogie Man looks like anyway. I guess I should watch wrestling.

Well anyway something is changing with this Wolfman he enjoys life and anyone who loves rather they want to have sex with him or not will respect woman and he will know all woman are number 1 in his book, and the woman who screwed him from a screw job, there is no time to waste. They are Number 1 to, but they don’t feel like number 1. You have to know when enough is enough they will abuse you if you don’t that is why I cut someone out of my life without out care. I cared Joseph got hurt, so as a friend says Fuck it I don’t need them. And they will job out to the Wolfman because will stand despite defeat, hoping for one victory wherever it maybe.

I don’t know what the tales of The Wolfman are, but as Sting says, “If it one thing, nothing’s for sure.” Which means Wolfman could be talking about how the Yankees won the Championship in the twenties and out of nowhere talk about what’s on a Red Bull can and make a joke about it. They know it’s weird but they will laugh because he is light hearted and wants to have fun. This is the new Wolfman. He is comfortable with being a writer and is lighthearted. As I heard in Catholic Church when I was younger, “Let us rejoice and be glad.” We are happy about life, why be sad as a friend said, “turn that frown upside down.” Miss ya, you should come out with us.

I hope you like what I have to say, because I speak to damn much that I don’t remember what I say unless it’s brought up that’s how Ricky and Wolfman came up with a character of a book.

Till next time the story of the Wolfman begins a new journey in life. Out of the ashes, he rises and says what time is it, let me live.

Disclaimer: Joseph Evaldi is not schizophrenic in anyway this is his story and some of his identities even the ones he didn’t mention were his gimmicks he played. here are a list

Joseph Alexander Evaldi (Birthname)

Joseph Evaldi

Joe Evaldi

Wolfman Joe

Joe Macho

God of Anger


Not Mentioned


Blood Demon

Wolfman Joe Evaldi

Now all together the birth

The Wolfman

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