Finding Passion in the Muse Again

Sometimes in the Muse, you may come to a halt where everything is dying, maybe it was in your environment that you are in, but maybe you don’t feel it. It hurts. Kind of like going to a place that has experienced a funeral. But maybe feelings of old can be kept in memory.

But how do you find passion in the muse again. I compare the Muse to going to the bar and energy or a coffee house or wherever you go. Sometimes our hearts feel like dying and we don’t have it in us, but then a spark happens, we smell the perfume, we take a glance of a smile, we find ourselves in a new environment. We try to release ourselves from old energy again and our energy is in a tug of war. Our passion gets affected.

Sometimes our words get affected, we don’t feel like writing, but we have to know we have to overcome everything and show up in order to write. This is why I am writing these words. I have had trouble writing these words today. I feel a dead feeling in my gut and as my friend would say it is the Abyss pulling me in or at least I feel the Abyss around me.

Another friend told me don’t focus so hard. It has been a mistake of mine. An example when someone was under pressure to perform in a Timeless episode of The Highlander, she did not do well when she was forced as a result she couldn’t play. The guy wanted greatness and perfection. He got someone who lost there passion because she wanted Timelessness.

In a way, we all want to be Timeless, Some of us have the Talent and don’t care about ourselves and others may not be granted life, but are willing to fight every bit of it to the end. Sometimes as the episode pointed out there is a different means of passion and finding love again. And fighting for loss.

To be honest the passion wasn’t there when you have a lot on your mind and you feel pressured from yourself to produce because you don’t want to let people down. But my other friend told me don’t focus to hard and appreciate the little things in life and truly enjoy life.

Maybe I have been cut throat and slashing with my writing and their is a time for that, but there is a time to speak about something important that is what I wish to do even if it is embracing my passion again. Which is tough for me to do at times nowadays my mind is pulled many directions.

All I know I have to be wiling to fight for Timelessness in the world. It’s every moment we spend that makes us alive. Every piece of music, every piece of written word. If we don’t have the passion in us it is tough, but we have to be willing to fight for passion even if we are fighting for our lives. And we all fight everyday, but let’s forgive ourselves. If we don’t, then our fight is not worth it and we don’t ease into life again. Relax into our passion and don’t force things.

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