Support For the California Fires

I’m writing this email as a concerned citizen for the lives of others. It doesn’t matter if they have money, have good houses, or others with their status. It doesn’t matter with religious or whatever background, a life is a life and a home is a home.

Sure some homes were millions of dollars and they had lots of stuff in it. But some of it was sentimental value. The damage is done and in a disastrous year. Everyone paid some kind of price. And I want to help out others with my business that I have.

Any sales from Joseph Evaldi Creative Art I will donate 25% of my profits for repairs with the fires. This is for families who are in need that need repairs. I will also donate 40% of my writing Kindle Books or Audiobooks from Joseph Evaldi’s Kindle Books and audiobooks wherever it is found.

I believe we can help. This will start a charitable foundation within my company. Whatever we go through we can rebuild and we all can rebuild the world if we can we can start by rebuilding homes and environments where people live to create a more loving environment. People will get stronger from the devastation wherever it is. We are only granted a short time to live on this earth and we have our family. Some families who had homes have none any more and they don’t have money to survive they are homeless. That is pain like no other. They can’t support their family and life is not easy.

Some people say they deserve it as with any tragedy, but does anyone deserve to lose their home or lose a loved one before they had a chance to say goodbye. These are scars that last a lifetime. I want to help with these tragedies.

My fund that I am Creating is The Rebuild Lives Foundation. Little by little we will rebuild and help put water on the flames. Little by little people will be helped. If we can help we can. Money will help people to rebuild. It will create jobs and people will feel that have accomplished something in rebuilding their towns. In rebuilding homes, we will rebuild lives Making the Rebuilding Lives Foundation come alive.

Know when you buy products from me, know it is for a good reason and a purpose and you never know the money may help you one day and it will be returned.

Also, Christmas is coming up, you buy gifts for your family and loved one and know you will be helping others.

We all need to forgive each other. We are all in this together despite our animosities we have had. No one should suffer long from a Hurricane, a natural disaster, and a fire. We will rebuild lives again.



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