Sometimes when your down and out, you have a lot of problems that destroy your psyche because whatever in your path doesn’t want you to succeed. The Naysayers.

But sometimes you can be down in defeat for so long that you could only make a comeback from the destruction that I have faced. I may have been an underdog for a very long time and may have been a joke wherever I went. I even made myself a joke at times. I humiliated myself and even scared others last year.

As Joseph Campbell wrote in the Hero’s Journey, the hero has to rise from the pain and comeback to stand tall from the journey and win in the end.

All of you saw me crumble through posts, you saw me crumble in the public eye, you saw me humiliate myself in front women because socially I haven’t been with it or said the wrong thing. But I stood tall despite defeat and I’m making a comeback.

Creatively I’m going to get better. I’m going to try my best to give what everyone wants. Just like a broken angel tied in chains, the chains have got to break and set me free and I am working for that freedom. Next year it won’t be me talking about my pain that I’m in no. It will be about what I have accomplished during the year.

Sometimes you have to fight all the hell that society gives you even if you are not included anywhere. Even if your own boys make fun of you behind your back. You have to stand tall and comeback. Even if you are not welcomed around town. You have to give them a reason to accept you.

Sometimes it may feel that you are living a different time period then others, and others don’t want anything to do with you, but you stand tall and show them you will not break.

It is your fight. You took all the punishment that came. And I’m sure a lot more will come. But if I break now after I have lost time and time jobbing to everyone, where will I be?

There has to be a big pay off sooner or later. And I will take that payoff. Matters changed with me. I’m going back to work, I got my note, I’m taking a loan out from work, I’m going to official repair whatever damage and I’m going to do what I wanted before I got scammed. I’m am going to build a business that is strong and it is going to be on the principles of the comeback, because we don’t give up. We never quit and we keep going.

Sometimes the challenges are tough. But we have never quit even if I want to.

I stand tall despite defeat. One Day the Victory will come. I feel it.


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