To My Former Love In My Previous Life I Have Wrong

It is no secret I went through a massive storm, it is no doubt I went through pain and suffering for my wrong doings of the past. There is no doubt I lost money, romances, and everything, because you want me to pay, but it was me who wanted to pay more. I never wanted to forget what I did and my betrayal. I know you won’t forgive me for that betrayal and I know I may never find what I’m looking for in this life or may ever be happy with love, but I know it exists.

My social problems, family problems and everything, I wanted to truly fight and create unity in this world and only people were treating me like a joke and didn’t care because I was a joke. But I know who I was. I know who I am. I might have been a person who wasted my talents in other lives and didn’t use them wisely. But this life I’m giving it my all with getting destroyed everyday and I will get stronger everyday despite defeat.

I may have no money, no love now, problems with family, not working now, but you know what that is not going to damage my spirit I know the true nature of my soul and I know who I am. I doing care if one woman takes a liking to me. You know your the one, but you know what if you can’t forgive me for my sins, if you can’t forgive me for the Devil being in my brain, and you can’t forgive me for being human. I’m moving on. I paid my debt and more you know that.

But nothing is going to kill this Warrior Spirit, You know I lived in the days of the Castles and was in one or many. You know I would of led those troops into battle and been the leader leading them into war that is who I was and that is who I am. I am Wolfman Joe and if you don’t love me or can’t forgive me and want you to heal from this pain and want me to cronically suffer and cause harm to my friends for what, you know that is not me.

I am the warrior trapped in a time where warriors are forgotten about. You know I always loved you and because of one mistake I make I pay with that love for eternity. I’m a caged animal and I’m a caged animal looking for the only thing that matters to me and if can’t find it you anymore, I don’t care if I am cursed for all eternity and I don’t care if I am the last man or person in this world I will be it. Because I was there before I know how it is it is something I do not wish upon any man or woman.

But if you want me to suffer more, I’ll gladly do so and I’ll keep on suffering, but it isn’t going to damage my spirit. My soul will be set free and I will be free to love again even if you don’t want me to be loved by another single soul again.

Just because one betrayal you know how strong I can be and I’ve seen all you have endured seeing me go through this pain, but if I am still standing through hell’s fire, you know I could withstand hell with you. Let me free to love again and be loved that is all I ask. Forgive me for my sins, I am starting to forgive myself. I thank you for everything and we will meet again and our love will be stronger.

Even if I am the last man alive in the Universe know my thoughts of you still live. Thank You for everything.


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