Rise Like the Phoenix Despite Limbo

I have fallen from places, I may feel unwelcomed at places, I may even feel unwelcomed with woman, but you know what keeps me strong the fight urge to rise above my situation. I remember who I was when I was a kid.

My basketball team was down, but I tried to rally the troops to win in the battle of the game. We never won, but we earned respect because we fought on. And were willing to do what it took because we were winners and we knew our self worth.

What is our self worth and why should we claim it? People may give you the nastiest look in the place and they may say you don’t belong, but fuck it, who are they to tell you your self worth. We know our self worth and we are willing to rise above the ashes of our situations.

Don’t let anyone tell you who and what to do, do it anyway. Someone may say this is best for you or that is best for you, but fuck it they ain’t you. They aren’t you. If you get intimidated. Fuck it show them you will stand tall despite defeat. Show them you will regroup and you will fight them another year and you will redeem yourselves.

I feel for Becky Lynch because she was the first one eliminated, don’t feel bad regroup gather your strength and you will win that battle again. This was at Survivor Series.

Just because you are not apart of any click, affiliated with any group or what not. Should it judge your self worth.

We know our self worth in the world and we know what we are capable of. We must not let defeat get in the way of what we are to accomplish in the world. We might have been laughed at, put down, humiliated many times even with our own doing, but we stand strong.

If that lovely Barista, Bartender, Waitress or whomever turns you down keep on working on yourself that is your strength that is my strength to. Because I didn’t get defeat I stood strong through the battle and I am ready for the war that wages on. I will stand strong. That is what makes me unique. That is what makes me me.

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