I’ve been picked on, teased, told I’m the last string in a line. I’ve had money stolen from me. I’ve been unwanted in areas that I have been going to for years not mentioning names. When younger I finished last in practically everything. I’ve been told by employers in the past that I should look for another job, but you know something I kept plugging away at my life.

Last year I went through upheaval because I lost the woman that I was going to marry and we broke up. My wedding plans gone down the tube.

Meanwhile, you think I got defeated by life when I was unwelcomed or laughed at because I was classified as a lost puppy dog last year trying to find his way home. NO I didn’t. I battled back because I’m a fighter. I know who I am as an individual.

Now I face another dilemma. I’m told by employers that I can’t work with a doctor’s note and I am told I could go on temporary disability, but I can’t work. And you know something as much as I got low to the point of going on temporary disability. I’m going to keep on fighting.

I have a lot of untapped potential. And I don’t care if the world gives me a dime. I don’t care if the major player gets all the woman and I get none. I’m going to keep fighting and that is what I have done my whole life.

Maybe I have had a bad year, maybe I have had two, but I am making progress. Call me Wolfman Joe, Joe Evaldi, Joseph Evaldi, or whatever you want even Government capitalize my letters if you want it isn’t going to destroy my spirit. I know who I am. \

I’ve been locked up in a mental health facility in Carrier Hospital or the Center of Living in Perth Amboy’s Hospital and everything in this world tried to destroy me and even a Best Friend stabbed me in the back after I proclaimed loyalty to him.

If I am a lone wolf so be it, but I know I am not alone. There are others in the world who are hurting and I feel your pain and it is not easy. If you are a fighter if you have many good fights left in you don’t quit keep fighting make life worth while.

It doesn’t matter if they don’t let you. Do it any way. Show them you can get the hottest woman. Show them you are willing to do whatever it takes even if you are broke and they are pushing you ever where and you are not welcome anywhere anymore. Show them the true nature of your soul and they will never forget who you are.

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