5 Keys to Rebuilding Yourself Again

Everyone goes through dilemmas in their lives rather it is a personal crises, relationship situations, financial situation, family, or work. We all face situations and sometimes we feel our self worth is not given. And sometimes we fall apart do to life dilemmas we face. How do we build again or should I say rebuild and how do we not get frustrated during the process? In this blog I will discuss 5 Keys to Rebuilding Yourself Again. I know there are more, but this is just a starting 5 for this blog.

  1. Attitude: Having the right attitude is important. If we have a negative attitude towards situations we face, we will create problems or problems will seem to follow us. Last year and the beginning of this year and still do this day I battle with attitude. An attitude is a mindset. It is what determines our self worth in the world. Even though having a Positive attitude might not improve your situations. It will help improve your perception making things better. And with a better perception in life we could deal with whatever matter that comes to us. It helps to be up beat in a situation, if you feel good and are in a good mood you can retrain your mind.
  2. Use of Positive Affirmations: I’ve been told by friends what we say to our self determines how we will do in situations. In an old movie I watched the other day late at night on Encore called Mr. Baseball which I recommend for you to watch it is with Tom Selleck and one scene in particular got me to switch my thoughts and it was where the Coaches daughter who was in the hot tub with Mr. Baseball who was played by Tom Selleck in the movie. She had asked him a question about what his fears were, he said one of them when the first time in his career he thought what if I miss the ball afterwards he started missing. Through help from the Coach in Japan and the Coaches daughter he rediscovered his passion in hitting. The coaches daughter said think to Hit not miss. In away this is our philosophy. When we put over self down and criticize our selves, we think that we will fail and fail we do. We strike out in life and we put pressure on ourselves that we never succeed at all. By applying this shift in thought and wanting to do something and believing it we can succeed. Things will fall into place.
  3. Work and Persistence: If we don’t put that grunt work in we won’t evolve to the next level. We have to work at our skills even if things are working against our favor. We need to work hard and have persistence in getting where we need to go. We could start small and work ourselves up. It is like building weights. And we work to get ourselves stronger. This builds a big foundation that might not have been there before. And once we have a strong foundation it will help in the rebuilding process to over come those problems.
  4. Allowing yourself room to fail: Some would say why fail, strive for the best. This maybe true, but if you fail not in life, but in what you are working on you can hone your craft. Maybe things might not go your way and you can tweak it. In an injury of any kind this helps. Sometimes we want to be healthy that we think we are healthy, but we may get frustrated that things don’t go our way. We feel we want to be that ideal. If we allow ourselves to make mistakes, we can grow from them. I believe this philosophy, but with number 5, don’t be afraid to learn from others.
  5. Learning from others to help with your mistakes: Sometimes we maybe stubborn and not listen to others. We may feel that we don’t need any ones help we can do it on our own, but this is not true. If we don’t learn from one another and we don’t learn even if we are stubborn fighting against others because we feel we are right and they are wrong and we don’t head their advice and we fail to listen to our gut on how to rebuild and not listen to our coach, we will not rebuild with life. Advice helps guide you to your path. It builds you into going where you need to know and the right advice will save you from an embarrassment down the road as I have experienced last year.

Using these 5 Keys will help you rebuild again. It takes determination and finding your confidence again. Sometimes we may not feel we are great enough, but a shift in thought will go a long way. Never get discourage. You may be told you can’t do this or that or you may not be included at places, but don’t let this distract you from your goal in where you need to go. Any injury in life you need that focus and these 5 Keys. Sometimes we make things worse on ourselves by with what we tell ourselves and we become our own enemy.

We have been through a lot in life, but our story should define our mind, we should define our story. Create our story of our rebuilding process and have the vision we want.

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