My Commentary on the Mass Shooting of Las Vegas

This is a Commentary not only the Mass Shooting of Las Vegas, but the Mass Shootings around the World and how many lack to get along with the fellow human being. The fact is people are triggered and set off and the warning signs may not be noticeable, but are there. Some may even live secret lives to the normal world.

What causes a trigger? Subliminal Messaging. Perhaps in Movies or TV or Streaming Network and everything. Sometimes a trigger doesn’t know they are a trigger until they pull it off. Such movies like the Manchurian Candidate tell the tale. Even in History in various attacks on people’s lives.

It is true with the world. People have hidden agendas and we don’t know there motives. This is true with religion to. Jim Cornette, Professional Wrestling Persona, mentioned this about religion. He talk about how religion causes most of the problems in the world and causes most unnecessary death all because of false tales of imagination that may not be true.

My opinion there is some truth to history, but some people would love to brainwash an unsuspected victim for a bigger hidden agenda. Is this conspiracy. No, It is happening in the world today. An example is the shooting in Las Vegas. It seams nobody knows anything and one says he never was like this. And they found a lot of guns at his place. He was successful businessman, but maybe an obsession started with him, maybe he saw a concert and he saw a story of the mass shootings and maybe he looked online and maybe he was angry because of what was going on in the world and then like many he shot people.

Remember Columbine, he was ok they said, but they didn’t see the warning signs of what would appear to be a trigger.

In 2008, when Youtube was relatively new they put videos out there like the Zeitgist, trying to expose what the heads of the world were up to. However, this video and shows such as Alex Jones only made people angry and people were getting angry. They were getting angry and what was going on. And as Howard Biel in old TV movie would put it you have got to get angry.

Imagine a generation brought up on Conspiracy, they go mad and they want to solve problem and take matters into their own hand and shoot other people. And then the Government solves the problem which to this day they are infuriating everyone now. It is civil unrest.

Another point I don’t trust people who say they are in may best interest when they may not. Fact is it is a hidden agenda that we may not be aware of especially if they are spiritual base. For example, the Rapture, many listened to that person who said they end of the world was coming that day and people believed in him. Many have lost everything including their homes. Which leads to why cults take place in the first place.

Fact is we all have views in this world some may say come take every you have come with me. And then they will brainwash you to think their way is better. This is politics and this is every faction of religion. I believe in what I believe, but I was only indoctrine with what society and what people have only told me what the truth is, but it is not my truth. I have my own truth and I am my own person.

I enjoy life now helping others find their truth or with their path in life and just being there to support and that is all that I can do.

Last year I was so angry that I had every alarmed and everyone worried. Why would I write what I did. Sometimes many need to express their pain and their emotion some do it publicly and it hurts because you will be paranoid what the other thinks. The truth is if you don’t get those emotions out and you don’t express you suppress your emotions. If you are denied your expression you go wacko.

We all have a dark side we would not like to admit and are afraid to share as a result it keeps on showing its ugly head in all of us. Such what the Late Debbie Ford would call when we don’t embrace our shadow, The Shadow Effect: Illuminating the Hidden Power of Your True Self. Sometimes we need to be there to listen and not judge, but sometimes we need to express our emotions in a safe way.

Perhaps we are not doing that. Many want change, but what happened to the simplicity of life. We don’t even care or know what love is anymore and many who are loners are viewed as creeps because of their social inefficiencies. Many aren’t even given the time of day. They are laughed and because they don’t know how to socialize or mingle they feel awkward in situations. Plus many could be listening to internal stimuli that caused them to react and triggers go off.

As a result, our anxiety cause us to destroy others well being.

The Late Rowdy Roddy Piper had explained the best when he was in They Live a movie about aliens. They wanted him and others to obey or they had triggers explaining what was said. With the glasses he was warned, but many didn’t know the mind control they would fall under.

Now, people are mind controlled for everything. For sex and violence, even political and religious views.

I personally believe in my own truth to the world. As Jim Cornette would put it. I tried to stay out of it, but the pulled me back in him referring to the wrestling business. But I had to comment on my views with a lot of things. Heck they aren’t even my views I’m sure they have been recycle before, but I am sharing.


2 thoughts on “My Commentary on the Mass Shooting of Las Vegas

    1. Thanks for the comment you are right, but to add a note if we have no compassion for others and we don’t understand them. We as a people we will never get along. We will always fight with one another and to some extreme as what is going on now some will blatantly kill others. It is not right what they did, but whoever does something like that is a tormented soul. Unfortunately evil exists and exists everywhere and if we are blind to it, it will appear in our face and our environment just like in Vegas. It is a shame, I feel bad for those that were hurt and lost during the tragedy.

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