Yearly Harvest Blog 2017

Every year roughly around this time starting around 2015, I write about the Harvest. This is a report of how I am doing with my business, a little history lesson on Harvests of the past, and adding in to harvests of the future and a future outlook.

Harvest’s could be great or it could be rough depending on how the year was prepared for. For me the Harvest is optimistic despite taking a loss in profit this year. I gained in some areas, but I lost in others. However, why am I optimistic?

I know things have turned around. I’ve survived two financial storms that they were out to devastate me financially so now I recover, which I have.

I am optimistic in rebuilding, now it is material because there are many things that I need to get, but I am optimistically on the process of getting them.

Sometimes after a bad year and after many storms, the progress doesn’t show until the next year. The storms get the ground fertile. And even if there is devastation we can recuperate from them.

In my case the storms got my financial sense stronger. I know there are blood sucking money hungry leaches who will scam you for everything you own so you might get kicked out of your home or worse. They don’t care. These scams are online. Anyone asking for money and you don’t see them don’t do it. Learn from my mistakes. I know we want to help, but at the point of when we are harassed to give information or money. We should be cautious.

There are many things that I am improving. The truth is a part of maintaining your health is having good wealth. Money is important, but wealth is more important. What is wealth? Financial, Relationship, and Health. This is wealth. Some days are bad days and some days are good. Just how my profit was this year.

I plan on building with what I have. Like everyone, I have a list of things that I would like to get. I would like to improve sales and maybe next year will be a better year.

I found an alternative way to develop this past year and that was with my artwork. I haven’t been focusing that much on my writing this year. I’ve taken a break. I have been heavy writing for awhile, now it’s time to work and nurture what I have and which I have not done as of late.

When something grows it needs time to be planted in the ground and then watered. If it is not watered it will not grow. Even though the harvest was not great this year for me. I am optimistic that it will grow for me next year. My goal is to double my earnings then last year or year before.

I know with work in saving I will get there. First it’s to begin saving again and then I work on it.

Eventually, I will get there and fulfill my dream. I will take a struggling company and then grow it to where it needs to go and be. Material things will come eventually, but a growth and improvement in things help.

As we wind down and enter in to the last quarter of the year where all the money is made. Let’s begin on a strong note of building for a better harvest next year. I know I will.

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