Fighting For Your Dreams

Sometimes we go through hell, but as was said in The Pursuit Of Happyness by Will Smith’s character to his son. He said I think Sometimes you have to protect your dream no matter what anyone says even him.

In the movie, he was broke, evicted from his home, he was down to sell his last machine, and his wife left him with his son, but he had a dream to fulfill. He wanted to be on Wall Street. Sometimes dreams are like this. We will have someone cursing us off saying you suck and your dreams aren’t worth it. Sometimes we have to fight for what we believe in as he said to protect that dream.

We know our self worth we know what we are meant for. We know anything is possible and we know who our friends are if we are penniless. Love isn’t giving large amounts of money to make someone you don’t know happy. I know I was burnt as many have by that.

And where are those people when you are down. Where are they 3 AM at night when you focusing on your dream after a major setback. Where are they and shouldn’t it matter. And pardon my language, but you have to tell them to F off, just because you dream may  be worth more then the big picture. People would love to steal from that money and many times we become broken because of it. And we become bitter.

Don’t become bitter, broken or angry, pick up the pieces to where you need to go. Even if you are all alone on that journey, you have a goal in mind and you will fulfill it no matter how far you will have to go with that dream.

You will find those who share your dream even if it is one that is all you need. So keep fighting for your dreams.

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