Update for August 2017 and This Past Year

First, let me say that this year had it’s ups and downs and I wasn’t going in the financial direction that I wanted to go in. In a span of a year I was scammed twice, racked up about $2,000 in debt and Verizon Bills of up to $200 and even one payment was $1,000 this year. Safe to say I was attacked on a financial level, but it has only made me stronger.

I learned my lesson and I am no longer focused on the need for a woman in my life. If it comes it comes. I want to be able to move on from this year in a half of hell after my breakup. It has been a year since I actually had money in my pocket to do anything.

I was harassed and swindled out of my cash because I believe that people out there don’t want me to succeed. That is their problem because I have a new found focus and I am ready for the challenge of growing my business and making it stronger. Which brings me to an Update on what I was working on the past year.

I mentioned that I have worked on my artwork which I have taken a break on and I am starting up again. I have been working on a project that I can’t discuss at this time. Also, I started to put my paintings on sale at Etsy.com.

This brings me to what I will work on in the month of August 2017. I will be podcasting again and one of my podcasts was on Getting Started Again. This Podcast was about the idea of starting over. Sometimes we may not have a plan, but we can work on it as time goes on. And when we are beat and down focusing on how to get up will get us there.

Also, I will make an effort more to do more blogs. I feel optimistic. I’ve had a health scare this year which devastated me, but I started to focus on what makes me stronger. And that is my work. I feel maybe I won’t get a big reward now, but I keep on working It will come.

It took awhile to get me to this point and I have to thank the people that got me to this point. There was a period in time where I was giving up. I felt I didn’t have what it took anymore so I didn’t care. I felt, for what it’s worth, that life was too painful and I was ready to go on autopilot for the rest of my life. It’s sad, but true. Life has been that painful this past year.

When you have bills to pay and it felt like I was paying alimony to someone that I never slept with twice. Where I was devastated and felt that I had failed a spark of life came to me.

Now I know I will make it; I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am starting to see that this pain will be worth it. Money will come and go. But if you don’t invest in yourself, then will not feel that worthy in life.

No one should judge what you do. Just remember your time is your time. You can sacrifice for someone else or you can sacrifice for yourself. Your goals and your dreams. But we struggle because we are in debt, in bad relationships, or other problems as well to. I could react with anger towards what happened to me and I am upset, but I know that isn’t the way to handle a situation. At least now.

That is why I want to focus on self improvement. People will always make money and we will to. Rather we make ourselves rich and help others or we work for someone else and slave and get nothing while they are getting rich. What’s it going to be.

We are nothing, but the work we put in. And once we put in the work we will be rewarded. I feel optimistic. By fall I will have a schedule to work on and things to take care of. I am taking care of health stuff to.

As I wanted to rebuild and thought I was damaged. I did rebuild just not materialistically. There will always be repairs that are needed. And I will make some of them. I just paid for a pair of pants that I needed and this is just the first of those repairs. We need to live by example others will try to use us and abuse us, but if we set a standard for ourselves and we work on that improvement and build to make us stronger than we will succeed in life.

I look forward to giving you an update this September 2017. And also, I look forward to giving you my annual Harvest Blog. This will be the third year in a row I will do one. Last year, I got criticized for doing the harvest blog. They wondered why I was relating to the past. It was because it was a measure of how we did in our town or country and how we grew and harvested. You could tell from the harvest if it was going to be a good year or not. From my harvest last year I had a rough year. But I will discuss this in my Annual Harvest Blog, which will be in September.

I will look forward to touching base with you next month.

Twitter @passageofjoe

Facebook: Joseph Evaldi


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