What is Ascension to Me?

At 12 PM Tuesday and 1 PM Thursday for one hour I meet for an Ascension session with Savoy Brown. Savoy has trained me to visualize within my body and has trained me to burn energy out of the heart. Many times we don’t know how to use our bodies for what it is meant for.

Many people live in an old world where we didn’t know how to use our bodies and it was used to inflict pain on the world as we discussed. When all it does is create fear and anxiety and it only feeds energy into a what is messed up world. Savoy mentioned in our conversation they eat up our energy and it is not balanced.

How I live is not thinking about it and I have but haven’t. I am human and I would have the whole weight on my shoulder. Is this something that any person would think and want. So I don’t think about it.

In a way I can relate to Luke Skywalker in Empire Strikes Back. His whole town and planet was in ruins, but he had an important job to do and that was focus his attention on Darth Vader. He knew if this minute detail and aim was off, he would be off and his world would be off.

This is how I think. even other people tell me what to do and how to fill my mind, I am the master of my own journey and in some realms master of my own little universe. This is what Savoy teaches in Ascension training and in Becoming Super Humans which can be found in Ascending Humans.

People have a misconception of the idea of Ascension and what it is. It is your own journey, but it is more then that. We all share this world and universe and we are made of the same particles and those particles are made of combustible energy and we are all combustible. Also, we are made of water, air, fire, and of the earth. Bodies have been reproduced throughout history and crimes have been committed throughout history and to this day.

There are two ways to live in this world. Live with all the horror and things don’t improve or Shatter the glass that we live in as written in Lizzie Hale’s and Lindsey Stirling’s song Shatter Me.

We have to be willing to go into our darkest place in the universe to pull out a speck of light and if we pull out a speck of light, this world will be brighter then it was. We have to be willing to open that lock inside and open that door that we were meant to open. It’s up for us to open it.

There are 7 Billion maybe more on this earth and we all search for something similar. Even in the evilest of people they search for the speck of light and could never find it. Instead there world grows darker in that search.

I ask to give your own evolution a chance. And if it don’t feel right listen to your gut it is telling you something be open and honest. If you can’t be open and honest with yourself and with life that you live you can’t be honest about life. I am going through this to. We are not saints in this world and we are not perfect. Becoming Super Humans helps you understand this. Look it up.

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