We worry about how many things in a day. Rather it’s the politics in a day or what our family, friends or significant other will say. Many times we worry about the beast that lives in our minds. We have racing thoughts that causes us to react the way we do. We all wonder if we are making the right decision.

We ponder these questions. And the more we answer, the more we question. Why worry about it. Why worry about what holds us prisoners in our own body. When we want to rise above our situation and rise above our minds to be in worlds that are not experienced in this one. We remain grounded in this one and face worries.

Why worry? Even if we make that decision it may alter our life. We may never have a solution to a problem. But the truth is this turn out when we listen to our instinct and everything in our body is aligned and working.

Many times we worry about life. And many times we don’t put work into our body mind and soul and we die rather it is physically or internally everyday.

Rather then worry. Let’s be free and live. There are challenges in the world and some we will never solve. Sometimes we have to face our challenges and stand tall. We should live and be free. Free of those problems. Free of the anxieties that we have neglected everyday and we will handle them one day.

Sometimes we can find peace in a rough situation and be blissful when people are struggling to smile. Sometimes we need to be the ones to radiate that smile to be free. Maybe if we don’t like a situation, we can change it. But for some reason we punish ourselves for wrongs that we have had no control on and we feel miserable, rather it is wrongs of this world or wrongs of the ancient world. Time may not heal all and maybe all our punishments are recorded. Who knows. But we shouldn’t be prisoners of a world that allows us to be free. Even if they are prisoners of that world for wrong doings. What makes it wrong and why should we be guilty.

Now I understand horrible deaths such as murder, suicide bombings, or mass shootings. Such horrific events can’t be forgotten for both victim and perpetrator. Because maybe perpetrator was once a victim.

I say this because we all need healing and we can’t deny it. we run away from our pains and we avoid them. We try to protect our energies from invasion. People have that power. People get angry and sadness carries on. This is why we can’t be afraid and can’t worry.

If we worry every waking moment about the pains in society they won’t go away, but we can change the world even if it is giving love to one soul at a time. Other people don’t want to hear that and give up on it. But I don’t give up on it. I know after this year facing pain and hardship in a world. When we love everything that makes this world great. Love follows us.

And when we are open to love and we forgive ourselves of that pain as I heard, we become free. Don’t worry and as Kodaline said in their song , “You know love will set you free.”

So what are we waiting for. Let’s rise above our situation and find a moment of peace in the pain.


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