Overcoming a Scam that Ruined Me

Who are we? Who are you? Who am I? We search for the answers to these questions everyday. We try to live despite those who wish to destroy for whatever selfish reason. They try to break our spirits and they try to break our souls. And we fall hard. We fall hard to addictions, we fall hard to scams because we feel we are doing the right thing but are we.

For some reason, I have been targeted. I can’t advertise on Facebook for my business. I got kicked out of my bank. and $1000’s of dollars have been extorted from me. Someone is targeting my kindness. They take advantage of the fact I have a disability and I can’t comprehend anything legal so the victim gets punished. I will not get that money back, nor will I see whoever they said they were despite how many times they harassed me and manipulated me to get information such as bank or money out of me.

Since I have this disability I pay the price while they can do whatever with the money. Red Flags should have gone off when the money wasn’t going to them and going to Nigeria, but I couldn’t put two and two together at the time, but anger started to build in me and I got angry. I gave because I felt bad about my temper and I fell for a scam which said I need it for a phone, medical expenses, and I will see you. Yeah I fell for that one again.

It was from a company called UNICEF in Africa. Because of them my life was in ruins for one year. I lived on $2 a day from my parents because money was going over there. I should have known I was such an idiot.

You want war. The war you get won’t happen. You enslave, take advantage and hurt others. You do malicious attacks to hurt one another and you will pay for your sins. And when I cross over when I do I will personally find out who has been after me from their maliciousness and that Karmic debt will be repaid.

And if it is a spirit who can go to heaven and hell to destroy me. You haven’t met the winds that can blow a storm in your fire.

As Seth Rollins once said, “Redesign, Rebuild, and Reclaim.” That is what I will do. You didn’t destroy me you only made me angrier. As the Hulk said you don’t want to make me angry.

Now I am getting ready for my training. And if walls will talk they will answer my name and I will blow smoke with my mouth.

I will change the world if I have to or die trying. And you might have taken about $7000 from me, but as God said the $7,000 will be returned 7 fold and if I add the other extortion of $10000 from a “Friend” I have more coming to me. And just remember God sees what you have done. He it is recorded. This lives on your conscience until the debt is paid off. Now you have that riding high on you conscience and you have tried to break me going to the hospital many times in my life for your dumbasses. I laugh now. Because you have no idea what you have done.

My war won’t be physical, it will be spiritual. And I have to tap into the otherside to find out what hell you are putting all of us through.

My fire inside is just starting. and when my fires spreads, Just so no one gets the wrong idea because last time I was angry people put me in the hospital. My spiritual fire spreads Passion will run through the world and I will pour rain just to put it out.

I say it’s time to return to the Joe of a long time ago.



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