My Return to WordPress Blog.

I am back to WordPress despite advice not to blog anymore. People felt I was writing negative blogs which happens when you are angry and I was angry. When you are taken from money from a woman and it happens you become angry and betrayed for all that was my future and it was taken away and I have to build my finances again and the pain continued afterwards. Financially I didn’t make the best decisions so I had to rebuild my retirement. So I have been broke these past few months and a nagging Verizon Bill on my back. But a storm is passing. A nightmare storm.

Why am I back at WordPress? Unfinished business. Everyone knows me from this site a someone who lost it after a bad year. They don’t know me. They don’t know I bounced back more times from hell then before.

My past accolades show for themselves. In Freshman Year of my High School I was heavily picked on and the bullying and abuse was bad, but I stood strong. I wound up getting voted most popular in Senior Year of High School. Granted I was not well dressed, but I had the character that got me over Wolfman Joe Evaldi. Now in this 20th year I bring back the character as it was me. I also wrote the Passage of Joe then to.

When I went through hell with a friend that nearly destroyed and scarred me mentally, I bounced back with a relationship.

When I went through job problems with my former employer, I rose above and write 13 books on the Kindle on eventually becoming number 1 best seller in Amazon Canada.

And now after the defeat I took last year in April and in the Summer and this Winter and Spring which I think were a defeat. You can only keep my spirit down so much before I stand on my own two feet and blow through this whole system and now that you pissed me off financial system I am going to do what I have done in every time in my life and that is rise above this adversity and become wealthy.

I maybe behind like this generation and I may have made mistakes, but I will stand tall. And I will get on my own two feet again. And I have. I am making steps in the right direction. I have painted. I am starting to write something good again and working on standing tall.

I am going to stand tall throughout life’s problems. It maybe hopeless, but I will fight. I had a friend who said why fight and try to reach out to the people. It doesn’t matter. Well I write because every word counts. Even if it is to you writing to you. You do whatever it takes to get out of this funk.

I want to write more positive stuff. I want to be more to help people rather then be another angry blogger which I was. This site’s format will change. It will be well thought out and taking care off. I will add occasional podcast from my Podcast.

Why I’m back. It is because things will be different. I am out to write positive this time. I want to turn this blog into an uplifting writing. I feel uplifting and good vibes I can give off will help people to better improve the society around me and things will change.

I was spiraling out of control because I wanted to, but now I will read, do art, exercise and maintain my positivity. I’m going to ride the wave no matter where it takes me. This site is about to do a make over. I believe you still haven’t seen my best stuff yet. It’s coming.

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