Rewriting the Path

Life is like a story. We write our situations. We agree and we play that act. No matter how we feel we act. And we should have that right to play the game and nothing should hold us back no matter what we actually face.

We have to be strong to overcome whatever situation we are in. We have to face whatever happens and we have to be repaired even if we are broke. Sometimes we have to flip the script and rewrite it once again. We all have that power. Who is not to say that it can not happen.

Anything we lose we can gain and we can live full strength with it. Nothing can hold us back. Sometimes we have to be who we truly are no matter what is perceived. Sometimes we have to push the boundaries and go to that length and live. Live to be free and live to be free just to create new structures that have never been written.

Sometimes we have to break through the lies and always be honest no matter how far it goes. Sometimes we all are living in lies and aren’t true and I am talking with love. Sometimes we are torn in making a decision and it is hard to make just one choose. How do we know if we truly haven’t lived and nowadays many of us are making those choices.

It is true to be who you are, but you have to rise above the pack and not by being just alpha male or Queen, but being your soul core to who you are. There are many decisions to make and instead of being true how about being honest and open. Be who you are and your true essence. No one does this anymore. We hide behind our masks and we don’t know if it’s true or not. Someone will be accepted back even if they are a cheater and your mind is in a mess.

Believe it or not we live in a society if you are 38 or younger that was fully exposed to porn and sex, and many many women have taken to making porn videos, real or amateur and some like Paige who took part has to pay that price as many have because their lives were exposed for everyone to say. She had no shame now, but has regret for her acts. Paige has struggled through her life and has been seen as a sex symbol and they took advantage of her for that and they leaked it to harm her. This is not just done to her, this is done to everyone.

I’m not saying porn is wrong, but porn has become apart of our society and we are saturated with it. It impairs our decision, and their is no build up to love anymore everything is mechanic. I like sex because I am man and men can relate we are all wired this way. We are born not to be pigs, but to be with many women. I hate to say it but that is hereditary. Women want the best man possible, but they find whatever they can find now and if they are young and brought up, they lack that respect and trust and go on instinct. I heard in a video that women just give it up easy, there is no hard work a man puts in for it. They will do whatever they do to please there man.

And if it’s one reason why a man doesn’t trust a women now it is because they maybe with them just to have sex be with them for a little bit, be bored and get out and take the kid of the parent, but it gets worse. Courts will favor the jackass father who knows the system and can make their woman look like crap in front of the courts. This is how it works.

As for drugs. The problems are the reaction afterwards, but this only tells the truth of what they want to do. Alcohol might trigger abuse, but they are miserable before that and were abusive before the alcohol from unresolved issues of the past.

I didn’t know why I write this, but we all have paths and we all have things to overcome. We might be through trauma’s and we all face pain and we settle in pain. And some abuse others just because they are different or think different and just because they aren’t happy themselves, while others just accept the abuse and don’t stand up for themselves and stand up to the crowd and say I’m better then that. They just make excuses and complained. I was one of them last year. I didn’t want to hear anything about my failure and I felt I was broken. So I lived like I was broken because I want to be broken, but little did I know piece by piece I had repaired myself and I was repaired.

Now we all have scars we have and we maybe broke or not have any money and based on what has happened in our lives we may have the mindset to be the people we are.

Love is competitive. When I settled in my relationship I was dying and I didn’t know. I was overweight and I had trouble breathing when I was tying my shoes. I was unhappy I wasn’t the man I am now. I am changed and now I am free.

I have the choice to choose my fate and I should not be guilty no matter what I decided. I can be an animal and I can live like it. And I can live like the true wolf that I am.

A wolf is someone who is hungry always climbing, they work hard. They think different from the path until they develop their own pack. Now their are some people that may not even fit that pack and want to run with the pack going the other direction. They want to be like them. I have always chosen to go in the opposite direction. And that won’t change. I may have been in hospitals, I may have worked part time jobs I may have been broke for months, but I have been always working on my craft and I have always built myself stronger even if I am at a crossroads at a decision. But sometimes you have to fight for what you believe and you have to fight for who is willing to fight for you more no matter what happens.

Sometimes you have to have self worth in yourself have self worth in life and you have to make yourself worthy. You have to make yourselves the Kings and Queens of your own world. You have to be willing to take life by storm no matter the consequences and go against the pack even if it is not popular.

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