Syria and War

We live in a cruel world where a military opens fire on children. Just because they can’t stand nor tolerate a government that is dictatorial in nature and they are trained to be barbarians and live that way. What would possess them to kill and our governments solution is to fire back killing more individuals.

There is no doubt that something needs to be done and I guess War is inevitable now, but is there a better way to solve this problem and dilemma. What do we know of the other side of the world and what would possess them to use chemicals. The truth is these people are harmed individuals and they are dark and want the world to end because they lost all hope and it is what they believe they feel they can trigger something and will harm as many people as they can to do it. They think like Stalin or Hitler did when in power and they just follow orders because they fight for what is right.

Why are they possessed with ending life and why do we follow? Why do we want to be morbid and follow that path that leads to decay, destruction, and disease.

The nature of war is brutal and you give up morals and you keep fighting even if you are wrong and fight till you die. It is a death wish for some. I am not knocking our services, they do protect us, but we need a legion of counselor rather then a legion of people to cause more bloodshed on the world.

Haven’t we learned our lessons from WWI and WWII do we need another none ending war and this will truly be a real World War.

The truth is there are people who want this world to end and they don’t care who they kill or if they kill themselves to achieve it. They are heroes if they do so.

In Japan, they were Kamikaze’s until the bomb got dropped which ended the War because the bomb was extreme and to inhumane. It was genocide. A lot of innocent individuals who wanted nothing to do with the war were killed. For Japan they fought with a different code and they turned around afterwards and fought to develop.

It is a shame what one bomb can do and then we developed all these bombs to destroy human life and humanity. The death of a few millions should not be on the hands of a few thousands decision.

I know we need to make a decision and people support it, but I ask this question why can’t they settle this the old fashion way rather then running and hiding do they trust themselves to get in a physical fight. there best warriors vs. ours warriors MMA style. Rather then putting lives of children in danger killing them or putting more chemicals that can destroy the land.

How about you settle it like men and women and fight MMA style. If you want a fight. And have a ref judge. But we have some leaders who are disconnect with the people that they dictate the decisions who are best for everyone.

What do we know? And could this be counselled? Are our old ways not working anymore? Some still want war, but is it the solution? There are other ways. There is not benevolence in this world. I still believe their can be a solution as hard as it may seem. I believe that they don’t have to destroy themselves and they need to find value and beauty in life where there is none. There is an art to anything.

If this must done, it heads towards it, but we can’t run away from what is wrong with the world. We have our differences, but we can find peace once again. And we can work through our differences.


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