My Last Blog on this Site for Awhile

I am writing this blog because maybe I have said something offensive or said something out of context, or have had actions misinterpreted or something else along the way.

The fact is my actions along the way for a few weeks even yesterday are due to an illness. The fact is before and most of my life I have tried to excel to make myself better despite whatever problems I might have had. As of recently due to illness I have more enemies then before and people who wish to do harm to me because of an affiliation or so on. The fact these affiliations can be misconstrued and mixed up. Imagine going through this life with blinders and waking to a world full of subliminal that you aren’t even aware of. This has been my reality. Now I have to thoroughly research something before I take action. It is frustrating but it is true.

We live in a world where we don’t even know about it and some know a lot more then perceived. People think I am one group and think it is all of the horror that they have done. This is not the case.

I right now consider myself a Lone Wolf. Always hungry for the climb of success and striving to better himself as said in Fearless Motivation. I am not happy about all the crimes in the world and everything else and I can not deny that they don’t exist. That is why I am saying my enemy is not of this world it is of the next.

If I have to be a lone wolf for awhile and get away from everyone except for work so be it. Many feel as if I am aware of everything that is going on and now I am seeing this world in a different light. I don’t see it as a curse, but a blessing. But I know whatever word I say will be misconstrued or misinterpreted. I don’t know what I am really doing anymore, but I will figure it out. Even if that is a matter of going away locking myself in the room and figuring it out like a Hermit would I’ll do it. But I will go to work while I do it.

I am not trust by anyone and I don’t trust anyone. It’s true. Until I figure out what is going on. Don’t assume anything I say is true because I don’t know the complete facts even though I might.

Even this message I write may offend some people to.

We protect everything about us in society, but do we show forgiveness for everything that has been done and we are at war with each other and ourselves without looking for a greater meaning our purpose.

I am just one soul in this earth and there are many and despite our hatred we have towards one another we have to make it better. This is from the heart. And this is my truth. Many others have truths to. We just have to go out and others to seek it.

I will not be renewing my contract for WordPress so find me at my old blog at

For those who have followed me during this long and rough year on this site I want to thank you 2016 has not been an easy year for me. The decision I have made to switch is not because I don’t like this site. It is not the case. It is because I want to return to my grass roots in writing. I want to write about the stuff of inspiration rather crap on love and relationships that I have been focused on.

And now I am at the cross roads and I am lost trying to find my way home. I am returning to the old site and returning to the days where I held the passion to write and keep writing. I had good posts there if anyone remembered. I cared about making myself better and I was working towards it. That is why I am returning to my grass roots if I have to.

I am going to remember what got me to the dance what was there for me in the beginning.

Also I plan on Buying a new Laptop again to keep up with evolution. I maybe superstitious, but ever since I bought my red laptop I have had bad luck and I have be using it ever since. Just to end this hex on me. I plan on buying a neutral color such as a black laptop and I know that everything is misconstrued about color and stuff like that, but when I have had my Black Laptop, I was writing left and right I was on fire. Since then I have slumped majorly. This meant I was writing well. I have never had the success I’ve had since switching to this laptop so I plan I buying another one. To end the hex that I have with this one.

I am returning to my foundation and where I started. I have not felt right since I got this laptop that I am using and I plan on getting another one. And add this to the collection of laptops I have.

I  mean I need to find something that fits me and not something others want me to use or wear. If I have to Lone Wolf it for awhile so be it. I am not apart of any pack at the time I am alone and I climb as hungry as a wolf will be. That is hungry for success and hungry to feed my mind.

If I have no friends or anyone supporting me for awhile so be it. This is the path that I follow. Everyone will wonder what has become of me, but I am going to get stronger, get smarter, and everything else. You may not trust me, but this is the truth.

On retrospect, this has been a good run here on WordPress. I enjoy the site and everything. But I must jump ship. And as the olden days when you jump ship you do it for a reason.

I really wanted to jump ship from Verizon, but I got tied in to another deal with them until phone is paid off, in other words another contract as they sell my soul up the river. I have want to jump ship for a lot of things for awhile as they tie me in and things have not seem right.

I want a different deal with a lot of things in life. And apparently I like Donald Trump have to negotiate new deals in life. These long contracts that tie you into things must end. I might want a new plan along the way, but I am locked into that plan.

This is why I am jumping ship and letting my contract expire. There are other blog sites out there and this is not the only one.

So thank you for everything. I hope this clears the air and settles a lot of disputes I may be having. But I will try to clear up my image and make myself a better person at the end. Even if that means rediscovering myself as the Lone Wolf once again.


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