Clearing the Air With Some Stuff

This is a blog for those who have followed me for awhile and everything else and for those who were worried when I made the blog about the list. I am going to clear the air about that blog.

I am not going to physically come after them with violence. This is not a way to handle the situation. And I guess I was thinking of the Arrow and with Chris Jericho and his list that everyone has a list to make. Rather it is a shopping list, a list of goals, etc. Either way I went by the list wrong. I was angry at things that had happened to me.

As many have known, I have suffered in the year 2016 as many of us have. And at the end of the year it ended with me being tied up in restraints. What a way to end the year? Bottom line, it could have been me or an illness I fight who knows, but I have not been the same and it all happened the day I prayed and went to church to pray with my mom for the ring.

Since then my whole family suffered because of it. And we are going through turmoil right now. When one person suffers we all suffer. Many have wondered why I am bring matters publicly that should be kept private. They need to know. Because the more one member of the family gets attacked unjustly, the whole family suffers because that one person is in pain and they all become in pain.

The nature of a family is to stick together and resolve matters. All for one and One for All as the Three Musketeers had once said. But when a family member and another family member fight wars in a few years which seam to be lifetimes, it is another story.

When family wars happen despite how much you disagree with one party there has to be mutual respect and honor amongst the family. That is why a new doctrine will be formed amongst the family and new order to pave the way for other generations to come.

I have been through an illness that has been plaguing me, but maybe it is time to not get angry about it, but understand about it. Certain people get upset about colors we wear or coats. I have worn many coats and this is our heritage. Our heritage should not be forgotten. Our heritage is who we are and in just the past weeks I have learned more about my heritage than ever before and it is nothing that I thought it was going to be.

The fact is who I was and who I aspired to be and who I am now is a different person than I was a few months ago. The fact is I’ve changed my perspective in life and I know it will change again. I deal with many illnesses like everyone else and maybe its time to treat an illness as a gift as it was meant to be.

Sometimes we get afraid of what opens up to us. It is as if another world we didn’t see is there. It is hard to explain. And when we wake up what seams to be a spiritual war, we lose it. I have tried not to lose it, but have lost it a few times hurting those that I care about. Even a war with the Father. The fact is we all suffered not just me. But as many times as I fight we all should grow from.

And now it’s time to do what I wanted to do 9 years ago and that’s head in the road of the late Wayne Dyer. When I was head strung into Conspiracies and everything else it was the light side that saved me from going down that rabbit hole.

As for the list. it’s only a list. People know in their hearts what they took from me. And as was written in the Bible what was taken from me will be returned 7 fold. I will not be coming after them and I have paid the price for my sins. Now I am going to get ready to return my debt to others.

Because if other people were on that list. I am Number 1 on it. I am not exempt. And I paid my debt this year and I have suffered greatly. Now I try to make it right.

I have fallen many times as many of us have and we all have karmic debt to fulfill, every last soul.

We either go through hells we create and we suffer from it, but deep down inside we wish for a better road. And many may fight that road for lifetime after lifetime.

This time I am going to only post stuff on my artwork on my Facebook. I will renew the contract with WordPress for my website another year a lot will happen and I still want to right, but my mind has got to be in the right frame of mind.

I feel flat on the ground this year and it ended in dramatic fashion. Rest assure I am not done and I will fire back, but only with my heart and my soul. Others may laugh at me or have put me down and I may have over reacted which I have and I shall finish what I started 9 years ago and go on that journey again.

This is not a mental war this is a spiritual war and I will read again. I will prepare and I will get ready for the fight. I may have been defeated at the end of the year because they left their statement as they mocked me in the hospital, but as the Undertaker said against Bray Wyatt in the Promo of WrestleMania, I ain’t dead yet.

Which means I have a few good fights left in me yet and should the old spiritual gun slinger raise from his grave and a sleeping giant rise. Well I will be prepared for the war. Because Armageddon won’t be a physical battle it will be a spiritual war and I will be ready. And perhaps we are fighting that battle already.

So I am going to get prepared and I am going to get ready. Because I am cleaning the air. And if my blogs maybe different in any way or worrying in a way. Understand I have been through war this year and I am still standing and If I survived 2016. I will sure be ready for 2017 so bring it on.

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